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Greenpeace Launches iPhone App

By Jun 01, 2009

APPS ARE SWELL. They put restaurant guides and the ability to generate fart sounds at will right in your pocket. But can they raise a nonprofit’s profile — and maybe help save the world?

Greenpeace thinks so. The group recently launched an iPhone application version of its recycled tissue and toilet paper guide.

The free tool — the organization’s first app for the iPhone and Google Android — gives consumers a quick way to choose the most eco-friendly paper products in the supermarket, says spokeperson Daniel Kessler.

The app doesn’t offer any way for consumers to donate to the nonprofit or get more involved, but Kessler says he doesn’t doubt that’s being considered for future applications. A downloadable pocket-sized printable version of the guide is also available.

WHO’S THE GREENEST PICKER-UPPER? The guide gives a thumbs-up to Green Forest, Natural Value and Seventh Generation, while recommending that shoppers avoid products like Kleenex, Charmin, Angel Soft, Cottonelle, Brawny and Scott.