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  • Core 1: Retail (in-store) Marketing
  • Core 2: Shopper Marketing

  • Clients Include: 7-Eleven, Bank of America, Clorox Co., Hershey Co., Safeway
  • Website:
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TPN – This well-oiled machine likes to say it “reimagines retail,” as evidenced by its 2014 PRO Award-winning program, “Liquid-Plumr Scores In-store with Hunky Plumrs.” Floor talkers designed with the torso and legs of a hot Plumr led shopper’s eyes to where Liquid-Plumr is shelved. A color-coded guide helped her find the right product for the problem. A new managing director at the Bentonville office further entrenches its Walmart relationship. A new deal with GroundCntrl, a mobile data/analytics platform, provides tools for real-time analytics.