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  • Core 1: Shopper Marketing
  • Core 2: Retail (in-store) Marketing

  • Clients Include: Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, MillerCoors, Procter & Gamble, Intel WEB:
  • Website:
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Arc’s holistic shopper-based approach enables it to design for consumers’ needs in every channel. Combined with its innovation forward strategy—it has its own interactive retail lab, digital interactive prototyping lab and retail store environment lab—Arc provides the formula for retail success. Pantene turned to Arc to reinvigorate its brand and Molson did the same to gain favor with NHL fans. Its Artist in Residence program creates unique connections between employees, clients, musicians, comedians and others. ARC Worldwide Chicago is the 2014 PRO Awards MVPro for the agencies with the most award-winning campaigns for multiple brands.