Special Report: Personalization Tech Trends

Personalization in marketing is all about delivering unique experiences to customers based on their individual preferences, behaviors and history, and the ability to do this well is driven by the quality of a marketer’s consumer data and their ability to use it. Technology solutions focused on helping marketers get personal with consumers are designed to sort through those data silos and get relevant, personalized messages in front of the right people at the right time. Whether its connecting with consumers via digital channels or mobile devices, or gauging their interests via social and reacting to data in real time, personalization is evolving quickly and smart marketers need to keep on top of the trends or risk being left behind.

Personalization Tech Trends CoverIn this special report, learn how:

  • Marketers are leveraging customer data to create relevant, personalized content for customers
  • Mobile devices are changing the ways marketers deliver personalized messaging
  • Real-time data from social media is being leveraged for personalization
  • Where personalization trends are headed in the future


Personalization Tech Trends Cover

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