Special Reports

The Art of B2B Creative

B2B creative needs to engage users at multiple points in the sales funnel. To succeed, marketers must craft marketing materials that not only promote the product or service, but also fill the readers need for information. In this special report, discover trends and tricks for creative that converts.

Storytelling Through Video Puts Selling in the Background

Video accounts for 64% of all web traffic, and is projected to reach 80% by 2019. In this report, you will find an inside look at how Great Wolf Lodge added storytelling through video as a way to reach Millennials and Hispanics and three social video best practices for digital-first brands.

B2B Path to Conversion

- B2B

It’s great to generate a high volume of quality B2B leads. But it doesn’t mean much if those leads don’t convert. Figuring out how to engage with prospects with the right messaging at every point in the funnel and turn them into paying customers is the B2B Holy Grail.

Student Brand Ambassadors Are the New Media Moguls

Marketers often overlook college students. They associate these young consumers with out-of-control spring breaks, slim wallets and a lack of brand loyalty. Many marketers wait to reach out until students graduate and have jobs and families. That may be a mistake.

The B2B Loyalty Challenge

In this special report, discover how you can create loyal B2B brand advocates that buy again and again.

Multicultural Millennials Mindset

Marketers are looking to be culturally relevant to the growing diverse marketplace of multicultural Millennials whether through a total market approach or single initiatives.

2016 B2B MarTech Trends

For many B2B marketing organizations, tech is the biggest budget line item for 2016. Where should your company be investing marketing technology dollars to get the biggest ROI?


The Power of Influencers

Partnering with an influencer can be a cost effective form of high-quality content with built in distribution. It is highly measurable and can be target5ed to ver5y specific audiences to capture high-quality leads and engagement.

The Influence of Incentives

Incentives take on many roles. These motivators can influence employees to work harder and be more loyal to one company. Incentives prompt consumers to join and be active in brand loyalty programs or to try new products.