The Top 25 Agencies

By Jun 01, 2005


  1. Momentum Worldwide
    161 Sixth Ave., 8th Floor, New York, NY 10013
    Phone: (212) 367-4500
    URL: www.momentumww.com
    Ownership: Interpublic Group of Cos.
    CEO: Chris Weil
    At a Glance: Collaborates often with sister McCann Erickson; touts promos (and promotional ads, 39% of biz), events (33%), sponsorship marketing (20%), retail (8%). New in 2004: Cargill, Chiquita, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Microsoft, UPS. Added Comcast in 2005; first date: Oscar Night red carpet-to-video cast with Hilary Swank. Global work (3+ countries) for AmEx, Coca-Cola, General Motors Anheuser-Busch, Microsoft. Was Agency of the Year in 1995 and 2001.

    Net Revenue
    2004: $81,000,000*
    2003: $60,562,000*
    2002: $56,600,000*
    2-YR Growth '04-'02: 43%
    Agency Age: 21
    Net Revenue/Employee: $172,340


  2. Velocity Sports & Entertainment
    10 Westport Road, PO Box 477, Wilton, CT 06897
    Phone: (203) 571-5500
    Fax: (203) 571-5501
    URL: www.teamvelocity.com
    Ownership: Aegis
    Principals: David Grant, Alex Nieroth, Mike Reisman, Bob Wilhelmy, Harlan Stone
    At a Glance: The house that FedEx and IBM built. Sold to London-based Aegis in December 2004 for up to $35 million (over three years) to expand and give staffers room to grow. Velocity's five founders still run the show as a team. In 2004, teed up Cialis with PGA Tour; helped Home Depot honor Olympic athlete employees; handles ConAgra's sponsorships. New in 2004: Visa, Motorola, AOL, World Wrestling Entertainment. (See profile on p. 66.)
    Net Revenue
    2004: $13,739,000
    2003: $9,974,600
    2002: $7,092,000
    2-YR Growth '04-'02: 94%
    Agency Age: 6
    Net Revenue/Employee: $176,141
  3. Aspen Marketing Services
    1240 North Ave., West Chicago, IL 60185
    Phone: (630) 293-9600
    URL: www.aspenmarketing.com
    Ownership: Independent
    CEO: Patrick O'Rahilly
    At a Glance: Jumped up the ranks with strong two-year growth (66%), mostly from current clients: General Motors, SBC, Qwest, Walgreens, American Cancer Society, US Cellular. Steady management since its 2004 re-entry (last seen in the PROMO 100: 2001). KRG Capital Partners recapitalized Aspen's financing in September. Helped SBC win back customers with data-based direct mail; brought Qwest DSL to ballgames.
    Net Revenue
    2004: $59,371,116
    2003: $39,194,574
    2002: $35,700,000
    2-YR Growth '04-'02: 66%
    Agency Age: 9
    Net Revenue/Employee: $145,517
  4. Octagon
    800 Connecticut Ave., 2 East, Norwalk, CT 06854
    Phone: (203) 354-7400
    URL: www.octagon.com
    Ownership: Interpublic Group of Cos.
    CEO: Rick Dudley
    At a Glance: Sponsorship experts. Brought Nextel to NASCAR; keeps BMW backing Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation (eight years and counting). Regional offices specialize in different sports (Charlotte, NC for NASCAR, Naples, FL for Senior PGA). Helped Snapple follow through with two NYC contracts (city buildings, schools) despite an April 2004 lawsuit to block the city deal. First time in the PROMO 100. (See profile on p. 65.)
    Net Revenue
    2004: $26,733,192*
    2003: $20,455,846*
    2002: $18,495,840*
    2-YR Growth '04-'02: 45 %
    Agency Age: 22
    Net Revenue/Employee: $181,858*
  5. Draft
    633 North St. Clair St., Chicago, IL 60611
    Phone: (312) 944-3500
    URL: www.draftworldwide.com
    Ownership: Interpublic Group of Cos.
    CEO: Howard Draft
    At a Glance: Tops in revenue. Continued its winning streak with a 66% win rate (14 out of 21 pitches). New in 2004: Circuit City, ConAgra, CVS, Hewlett Packard, Procter & Gamble, State Farm, more. Two-year net-revenue growth estimated at nearly 20% — impressive, given its $305 million base. Put U.S.P.S. TV network in 38,000 post offices; built a Retail Lab prototype store in its own headquarters.
    Net Revenue
    2004: $365,430,000*
    2003: $338,000,000*
    2002: $305,162,000*
    2-YR Growth '04-'02: 20%
    Agency Age: 27
    Net Revenue/Employee: $130, 511*
  6. The Marketing Arm
    1999 Bryan St., Suite 1800, Dallas, TX 75201
    Phone: (214) 259-3200
    URL: www.themarketingarm.com
    Ownership: Omnicom Group
    CEO: Ray Clark
    At a Glance: Old-fashioned consolidation puts this newcomer near the top. Parent Omnicom Group took the 11-year-old sports marketing shop, folded in USM&P, Davie-Brown and Millsport, then formed Promo Link. Voila: 770% two-year growth. New (not acquired) in 2004: Anheuser-Busch, Home Depot, XM Radio, Wal-Mart Stores, more. Helped Frito-Lay raise USO donations during Tostitos Fiesta Bowl; took SBC to college football games; sent Olympian Michael Johnson to school for Office Depot.
    Net Revenue
    2004: $45,675,000*
    2003: $6,750,000*
    2002: $5,250,000*
    2-YR Growth '04-'02: 770%
    Agency Age: 12
    Net Revenue/Employee: $145,000*
  7. TracyLocke
    1999 Bryan S., Dallas, TX 75201
    Phone: (214) 969-9000
    URL: www.traceylocke.com
    Ownership: Omnicom Group
    CEO: Ed Winter
    At a Glance: Top-gun strategy, polished creative. Growth (27% since 02) is mostly word of mouth. Masterminded Pepsi's iTunes giveaway; helped develop, then launch Pepsi Edge, Mountain Dew Pitch Black. Added NYC office; new management in Wilton, CT. Building its retail group to foster senior-level conversations. New in 2004: Hershey, Kimberly Clark, InBev.
    Net Revenue
    2004: $96,000,000*
    2003: $87,087,000*
    2002: $75,400,000*
    2-YR Growth '04-'02: 27%
    Agency Age: 92
    Net Revenue/Employee: $192, 000*
  8. Publicis Dialog
    950 Sixth Ave., New York, NY 10001
    Phone: (212) 279-6950
    URL: www.publicisdialog.com
    Ownership: Publicis Groupe
    CEO: Susan Gianinno
    At a Glance: Big shop, big growth. Net revenues up nearly 29% in 2004 (an estimated 63% from 2002). Seventeen new clients last year, including Kraft Foods, General Mills, Procter & Gamble. Jack of all trades: Promos, ads (both for Fleetwood Homes, Geyser Peak Winery, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Safeway), p.r., direct, events, retail. Won bronze at the 2004 Cannes Lions for Stolichnaya print ads.
    Net Revenue
    2004: $55,384,000*
    2003: $43,000,000*
    2002: $34,000,000*
    2-YR Growth '04-'02: 63%
    Agency Age: 11
    Net Revenue/Employee: $184, 613*
  9. Civic Entertainment Group
    520 8th Ave., 22nd Floor, New York, NY 10018
    Phone: (212) 426-7006
    URL: www.cegny.com
    Ownership: Independent
    CEOs: David Cohn and Stuart Ruderfer
    At a Glance: Agency of the Year. Top-notch creative; won PRO Award, Super Reggie for Save Our History (now in Year Two). Pioneering the municipal marketing field: Opened White House doors for The History Channel, repping NYC, Philly and Chicago to marketers. Net revenues up 350% over two years — respectable, managed growth for a 20-person shop. New in 2004: MBNA, CNN, Cinemax, New York Public Library. Diverse skills: events, retail, online games, branded entertainment. Detail savants.
    Net Revenue
    2004: $3,175,877
    2003: $1,410,000
    2002: $706,783
    2-YR Growth '04-'02: 349%
    Agency Age: 6
    Net Revenue/Employee: $198,492
  10. CoActive Marketing Group
    75 Ninth Ave., New York, NY 10011
    Phone: (212) 366-3400
    URL: www.getcoactive.com
    Ownership: Independent
    CEO: John Benfield
    At a Glance: Actively pursuing convergence across its specialties. Consolidating CoActive, Inmark, U.S. Concepts units in NYC headquarters; building Digital Intelligence group. Hispanic shop Market Vision growing fast. Net revenues up 43% from 2002; 2004 growth came mostly from current clients. Smart work, solid results: Xtreme Nutrition (for Fresh Express) extends CoActive's patent multi-brand in-store, in-school platform. Nineteen new clients in 2004, including Fisher Price, ACH Food Cos. (Mazola), HBO, Dell, Best Buy.
    Net Revenue
    2004: $33,500,000
    2003: $29,912,000
    2002: $23,421,000
    2-YR Growth '04-'02: 43%
    Agency Age: 33
    Net Revenue/Employee: $152, 273
  11. Promotion Group Central
    444 N. Orleans St., Suite 400, Chicago, IL 60610
    Phone: (312) 467-1300
    URL: www.promogroup.com
    Ownership: Independent
    CEO: Kelly Drumm
    At a Glance: Small shop, big growth (360% from 2002), mostly additional work from current clients (JCPenney, Levi Strauss & Co., Dockers, Radio Shack, Home Depot, JVC). Picked up 2004 projects from State of Illinois, Midas, Capital One, Carson Pirie Scott. Paired Levis with Sears and Burger King for back to school; spread Illinois' don't-drink-and-drive message.
    Net Revenue
    2004: $9,592,890
    2003: $3,462,481
    2002: $2,089,758
    2-YR Growth '04-'02: 359%
    Agency Age: 35
    Net Revenue/Employee: $417,082
  12. Digitas
    The Prudential Tower, 800 Boylston St., Boston, MA 02199
    Phone: (617) 867-1000
    URL: a href="http://www.digitas.com" target="_blank">www.digitas.com
    Ownership: Independent
    CEO: David Kenny
    At a Glance: Puts the R in CRM. Bought interactive shop Modem Media in July 2004, adding $13 million in revenues. Turned on-board lunges in some Celebrity Cruise ships into a circus via Cirque du Soleil tie-in; managed a holiday shopping site for American Express (BMW: $5,000); built a pop-up store to sell Bostonians on Delta's Song airline. (See profile on p. 62.)
    Net Revenue
    2004: $245,000,000
    2003: $206,000,000
    2002: $200,000,000
    2-YR Growth '04-'02: 23%
    Agency Age: 25
    Net Revenue/Employee: $167,723
  13. Wunderman
    285 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10017
    Phone: (212) 941-3000
    URL: www.wunderman.com
    Ownership: WPP Group PLC
    CEO: Daniel Morel
    At a Glance: Third-biggest agency, best known for direct marketing; also does promos, events, sponsorship deals. Put SpongeBob SquarePants inflatables atop Burger King restaurants (stolen ones popped up on eBay). Courts college math majors for CPA association with annual online, in-class forensic accounting contest. November's exec shuffle made Barry Kessel first-ever chief client development officer (to push global expansion), sent Steve Zammarchi to run New York (replacing Kessel) and put Rick Schreuder in charge of Chicago (replacing Zammarchi).
    Net Revenue
    2004: $194,476,560*
    2003: $188,812,200*
    2002: $176,460,000*
    2-YR Growth '04-'02: 10%
    Agency Age: 47
    Net Revenue/Employee: $56,748*
  14. PowerPact
    2909 Polo Parkway, Richmond, VA 23113
    Phone: (877) 361-5700
    URL: www.powerpact.com
    Ownership: Independent
    CEO: Alison Glander
    At a Glance: Strong campaign work. Spiced up Tone Brothers' Spice Islands with a sweeps and Cooking Light subscription; sold Brown-Forman's low-carb wine first to its sales staff, then to consumers with ads, Web site, p.r. Helped Volvo reach BMW, Mercedes Benz owners with Refined Rewards test-drive incentives. New in 2004: Toyota Motor Corp., Wyeth Consumer Healthcare Division, Tone Brothers (all projects). AOR for General Mills (Yoplait), Flagstar Bank, YUM! (franchisee recruitment), Fastsigns (franchisee development).
    Net Revenue
    2004: $10,568,167
    2003: $7,416,254
    2002: $6,337,320
    2-YR Growth '04-'02: 67%
    Agency Age: 5
    Net Revenue/Employee: $157,734
  15. Arc Worldwide
    35 West Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60601
    Phone: (312) 220-3200
    URL: www.arcww.com
    Ownership: Publicis Groupe
    CEO: Nick Brien
    At a Glance: The agency formerly known as Frankel — and Arc, iLeo North America and Semaphore Partners. Collaborates with sibling Leo Burnett USA (and shares Chicago headquarters); touts promotion, retail, interactive and direct marketing expertise. Added 12 U.S. clients in 2004, including Mercury Interactive, Motorola, Zales; picked up more P&G brands. Top-notch campaign work; won PRO, Reggie and Globes awards for United Airlines' Ted launch, Centers for Disease Control's VERB program.
    Net Revenue
    2004: $98,000,000*
    2003: $96,000,000*
    2002: $92,000,000*
    2-YR Growth '04-'02: 7%
    Agency Age: 1†
    Net Revenue/Employee: $225,287*
    †Formed in 2003 via merger
  16. The Marketing Store
    One Lincoln Center, 18 W. 140 Butterfield Road, Suite 1600, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181
    Phone: (630) 693-1400
    URL: www.themarketingstore.com
    Ownership: Havi Group
    CEO: Graham Kemp
    At a Glance: The shop that McDonald's built. Also works for Nissan North America, General Mills, Diageo (AOR-in Australia and Brazil), Coca-Cola; U.K. clients include Unilever, Masterfoods, Walker. 2004 growth came mostly from current clients. Turbo-charged McDonald's Monopoly game with Best Buy partnership, online components; built a database for Nissan to court consumers and dealers. Bigger overseas, with nine offices (U.K., Australia, Brazil) and net revenues there of nearly $59 million.
    Net Revenue
    2004: $42,586,000
    2003: $35,401,000
    2002: $34,946,000
    2-YR Growth '04-'02: 22%
    Agency Age: 18
    Net Revenue/Employee: $149,862
  17. Eric Mower & Associates
    500 Plum St., Syracuse, NY 13204
    Phone: (315) 466-1000
    URL: www.mower.com
    Ownership: Independent
    CEO: Eric Mower
    At a Glance: Top-notch work earned this shop second berth on our campaign-quality list. Retail-savvy work for Fisher Price woos moms and Wal-Mart. Gets kids: A design contest for Dixie makes even paper plates interesting. Sold construction crews on gold-edged blades — then proved crews bought their own. Always true to the brand. Bought Price McNabb in June 2004, adding $1.9 million in revenues and Starbucks, Bojangles Famous Chicken & Biscuits. Two-year growth a respectable 24%. New in 2004: Empire State Development (AOR). Won 2004 PRO for Best Sales Force Campaign for Welch Allyn medical equipment.
    Net Revenue
    2004: $23,370,740
    2003: $18,768,010
    2002: $18,835,769
    2-YR Growth '04-'02: 24%
    Agency Age: 46
    Net Revenue/Employee: $126,328
  18. AMP Agency
    54 Canal St., Boston, MA 2114
    Phone: (617) 723-8929
    URL: www.ampagency.com
    Ownership: Alloy, Inc.
    CEO: Gary Colen
    At a Glance: Still the go-to shop for teen marketing and media. Leverages parent Alloy's media holdings (magazines, catalogs, Web sites) for promotion clients. Ran MTV Network's college tour mtvU Campus VJ Search (concerts, contests), and Cartoon Network's Powerpuff Girls Style Heroes Model Search (malls, merchandise). New in 2004: Qwest Communications, whose urban scavenger hunt touts wireless service to teens, Northgate Innovations (AOR). 2004 Agency of the Year; talked then about doing more grown-up work.
    Net Revenue
    2004: $52,384,000
    2003: $49,550,000
    2002: $42,046,000
    2-YR Growth '04-'02: 25%
    Agency Age: 9
    Net Revenue/Employee: $157,783
  19. ePrize
    One ePrize Drive, Pleasant Ridge, MI 48069
    Phone: (248) 543-6800
    URL: www.eprize.com
    Ownership: Independent
    CEO: Josh Linkner
    At a Glance: It's not just for online games anymore. A whopping 146 new clients in 2004 (mostly projects), including Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Schieffelin & Somerset and several promo shops. Net revs more than doubled in 2004; nearly tripled from 2002. Toured Gap's “How Do You” and tracked it online; squired Tanqueray in bars; helped Hershey give five million Take 5 candy bar samples in one day (online, on the street). Still the go-to guys for Web work.
    Net Revenue
    2004: $14,223,048
    2003: $6,467,895
    2002: $3,660,810
    2-YR Growth '04-'02: 289%
    Agency Age: 6
    Net Revenue/Employee: $209,310
  20. GMR Marketing
    5000 South Towne Drive, New Berlin, WI 53151
    Phone: (262) 786-5600
    URL: www.gmrmarketing.com
    Ownership: Omnicom Group
    CEO: Gary Reynolds
    At a Glance: You're live at GMR. Event marketing's giant touts “live” interactions — still gigging concerts, but also meeting consumers on the street, campus, stadium and in-store. Threw college-skewed “dark parties” for Axe; helped Alltel whoop it up with sports fans. Picked up 2004 projects from Nike, New Balance, Sony, Whirlpool, more. Centerpiece of growing Radiate Group, whose 30+ shops (mostly overseas) share consumer info, keep client firewalls. Was Agency of the Year in 2002.
    Net Revenue
    2004: $91,300,000*
    2003: $8,300,000*
    2002: $71,000,000*
    2-YR Growth: '04-'02: 29%
    Agency Age: 26
    Net Revenue/Employee: $238,381*
  21. Seismicom
    301 Howard Street, Suite 1900, San Francisco, CA 94105
    Phone: (415) 864-4000
    URL: www.seismicom.com
    Ownership: Independent
    CEO: David Flaherty
    At a Glance: Meticulous attention to detail. Turned up the volume on Samsung at Vans' Warped Tour with P*nk This! graffiti wall, P*nk Your Phone station. Turned 1,000+ AT&T stores into Cingular stores over one weekend. Net revenues doubled in two years (to $4.6 million). CMO Bill Carmody relocated to New York City to build East Coast business.
    Net Revenue
    2004: $4,579,908
    2003: $3,787,586
    2002: $2,297,983
    2-YR Growth '04-'02: 99%
    Agency Age: 5
    Net Revenue/Employee: $130,855
  22. National Tour
    7275 West Winds Blvd, Concord, NC 28027
    Phone: (704) 707-1200
    URL: www.nationaltourinc.com
    Ownership: Independent
    CEO: Johnny Capel
    At a Glance: The name says it all. Mobile marketing specialist, with a deft hand for collecting data from tour visitors. Builds the bus, drives the bus. Keeps DeWalt's tools tour on the road (since 1997); replicated ESPN's Sports Center set (co-sponsored by NFL's Youth Football League); gave Nextel a new ride — think 18 wheels — for its NASCAR sponsorship.
    Net Revenue
    2004: $17,500,000
    2003: $13,600,000
    2002: $12,500,000
    2-YR Growth '04-'02: 40%
    Agency Age: 9
    Net Revenue/Employee: $129,630
  23. RedPeg Marketing
    727 N. Washington St., Alexandria, VA 22314
    Phone: (703) 519-9000
    URL: www.redpegmarketing.com
    Ownership: Independent
    CEO: Brad Nierenberg
    At a Glance: Formerly Momentum Marketing; changed to RedPeg in February to quell confusion (see No. 1 above) and foster reputation. Revenues are up 151%, to $7.7 million, mostly via current clients including AOL, Ryan Partnership, Kobrand, Bacardi. New in 2004: Miller Brewing Co. (AOR for Icehouse), Geico. Top-notch field-staff training; impressive feet-on-street for merchandising, events.
    Net Revenue
    2004: $7,733,075
    2003: $4,302,334
    2002: $3,079,136
    2-YR Growth '04-'02: 151%
    Agency Age: 10
    Net Revenue/Employee: $135,668
  24. Colangelo Synergy Marketing
    28 Thorndall Circle, 3rd Floor, Darien, CT 06820
    Phone: (203) 662-7000
    URL: www.colangelo-sm.com
    Ownership: Independent
    CEO: Robert Colangelo
    At a Glance: Strategic, smart campaign work. Won a PRO Award for Guinness' “Treat St. Patrick's Day Like a Real Holiday” campaign; followed with “St. Pumpkin's Day” for Halloween. Named AOR for Church & Dwight, Schick in 2004; projects for Kraft (candy) and Beazley Financial. Woos kids for Dannon's Danimals, Post Cereal, Nabisco.
    Net Revenue
    2004: $21,646,562
    2003: $20,195,673
    2002: $18,499,249
    2-YR Growth '04-'02: 17%
    Agency Age: 12
    Net Revenue/Employee: $171,798
  25. EMAK Worldwide
    6330 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048
    Phone: (323) 932-4300
    URL: www.emak.com
    Ownership: Independent
    CEO: Donald Kurz
    At a Glance: Dropped ‘Equity Marketing’ name in September 2004. Includes Upshot, Johnson Grossfield (bought in January 2004) and SCI Promotions. Tops in premiums and entertainment; took top EMMA in May for Burger King's tie to The Apprentice.
    Net Revenue
    2004: $40,185,000
    2003: $40,203,000
    2002: $36,882,000
    2-YR Growth '04-'02: 9%
    Agency Age: 21
    Net Revenue/Employee: $98, 012

* Revenue estimated by PROMO editors; not verifiable.