By Jun 01, 2010

PEPSI, YOU ARE A GENIUS! You said “no” to your traditional Super Bowl advertising to instead promote the Pepsi Refresh Project. You’re going to fund ideas that will have a positive impact on communities. Any person, business or nonprofit can submit an idea, and the general public will have a chance to vote on which ones will get funding.

A friend of mine posted an idea to his Facebook page with the question, “Have you voted?” It was for technological upgrades for his children’s elementary school in Connecticut.

Soft drink sales have been banned in Connecticut schools for about four years. But now kids and parents at that school are singing the praises of Pepsi.

If it’s happening in this one school, how many schools across the country are pushing Pepsi’s plan? I doubt Big Tobacco would get away with something like this.

Commentary from the BigFatMarketingBlog.com