Listline e-Newsletter 11/01/07

By Nov 01, 2007

* Sporty’s Catalog Buyers
* Consumer Packaged Goods Executives from ZoomInfo
* Crochet Today
* Lloyds IR Super Investor E-mail File
* Commuting Today
* Trendsations Sporting Life
* Been in Biz New Movers
* HeartSong


Sporty’s Catalog Buyers
Names and Addresses Inc. has been appointed to manage four files for Sporty’s. The two largest Sporty’s Tool Shop and Preferred Living catalogs offer 55,480 and 47,093 buyers from the last 12 months, respectively. The Sporty’s Wright Brothers Collection and Men’s Collection catalog files name 24,214 and 12,427 buyers from the last 12 months, respectively. Depending on the catalog the average sale ranges from $76 to $135. Millard Group Inc. was the prior list manager.
Selections: Purchase amount (ranges), hotlines, gender, state/SCF/ZIP
Sample usage (depending on catalog): Ad Prindle & Co., Crazy Shirts, Lighthouse Depot, Anheuser-Busch Catalog, Russell’s for Men, Acorn Direct, Air Force Association, Barton-Cotton, National Geographic Catalog, Chef’s Catalog, Design Toscano, Pier 1 Imports, Sharper Image, Allen Brothers, Harry and David, Sierra Trading Post, TravelSmith Outfitters
Price: $95/M to $120/M (last-12-month buyers)
Contact: Names and Addresses Inc., Lisa Tricoli (847-850-1021; LisatT@nai.biz)


Consumer Packaged Goods Executives from ZoomInfo
Zoom Information Inc. has released a list of professionals who work in the consumer packaging industry. The count is 127,866 and e-mail addresses are available. Those listed include individuals who work in sales, account management, direct store delivery, field and trade management, as well as other marketing positions involving packaging. The source is the ZoomInfo Internet search engine.
Selections: Number of employees, recency, SIC code, job title/function, one per company, phone numbers
Price: $150/M
Contact: Worldata, Jay Schwedelson (561-393-8200, ext. 176; jays@worldata.com)

Crochet Today
SoHo Publishing Co. has a list of 18,732 subscribers to Crochet Today, a new magazine launched in August 2006. Most subscribers are women. Direct mail is the sole source.
Selections: Source, state/SCF/ZIP
Price: $95/M
Contact: Lake Group Media Inc., Belkys Reyes (914-925-2406; Belkys.Reyes@LakeGroupMedia.com)

Lloyds IR Super Investor E-mail File
E-mail addresses for 1 million individual stock investors are included in this file. This data has been sourced online.
Price: $15,000 (two e-mail blasts)
Contact: Macromark Inc., Kathleen O’Gara (845-230-6300, ext. 321; kathleeno@macromark.com)

Commuting Today
Some 13 million owners of cars, trucks and motorcycles who commute to work are named on this file. Purchase behavior and other data have been sourced from direct mail surveys.
Selections: Hotlines, gender, vehicle make/model/year, partial vehicle identification number, state/SCF/ZIP
Price: $85/M
Contact: Catamount Group, Tracy Haddad (203-778-4110; tracy@catamountgroup.net)

Trendsations Sporting Life
This database is comprised of 30 million individuals who filled out direct mail surveys during a 15-month period. Forty percent are women. Self-identified sports interests are selectable. Among the largest segments are fishing, football, baseball, camping and hiking, basketball, golf and bicycling.
Selections: Adult’s/child’s age, demographic, ethnicity, gender, household income, monthly hotline, sports activity, sports fanatics, teenagers, state/SCF/ZIP
Price: $96/M
Contact: List Bargains Division, Media Source Solutions, Amy Benicewicz (203-746-6640; amy@mediasourcesolutions.com)


Been in Biz New Movers
Businesses established three or more years ago that have relocated their operations within the last 30 days are included in this file. Nearly 65,000 names are offered on this monthly hotline file. This compiled data is derived from new telephone connections and other sources.
Selections: SIC code, title, contact name, sales volume, number of employees, years in business, phone numbers, state/SCF/ZIP
Price: $120/M (last-30-day names)
Contact: Adrea Rubin Management Inc., Amy Langer (646-487-3785; amyl@adrearubin.com)


Selections including adult’s/child’s age, ethnicity, income, length of residency and marital status recently became available from this catalog. A total of 705,595 names, including 344,261 buyers from the last 12 months are on file. The average sale was $65 for children’s toys, books, musical instruments, gifts and other products for families with children 3 to 12.
Additional selections: Dollar, hotlines, interest, last purchase, product, state/SCF/ZIP
Sample usage: American Diabetes Association, Bas Bleu Bookseller, CWD Kids, Back to Basics Toys, Carus Publishing, Discovery Channel, Lillian Vernon Corp., Highlights Catalog, West Elm, Mindware, Pottery Barn Kids, Spilsbury Co., Smile Train,
Price: $100/M
Contact: Millard Group Inc., Audrey Wallis (603-924-9262, ext. 2337; awallis@millard.com)