DIRECT Listline

By Jun 28, 1999

ACLU This is a 147,190-name list of last-12-month members. The American Civil Liberties Union works to expand and protect rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Cost: $76/M

Selections: Six- and 24-month members, expires, gender, state/SCF/ZIP

Contact: American List Counsel, 908-904-6217

Young Homeowner Families A file of 2-million married couples under 30 years of age.

Cost: $75/M

Selections: Age, gender, income, telephone numbers, direct response buyer, premium bank card holder, PRIZM, nonprofit donor

Contact: PerformanceData, 312-446-7785

Visual Developer Magazine Worldata is the new manager of this 34,289-name list of information technology professionals who subscribe to this publication. The magazine is “a language-neutral and vendor-neutral and focuses on Rapid Application Development for Microsoft Windows 95, 98 and 2000,” according to the list manager.

Cost: $165/M

Selections: Business vs. home, state/SCF/ZIP

Contact: Worldata, 561-393-8200

Women-at-Work Card Deck This deck is mailed to 100,000 people who are direct-mail-sold buyers of Prentice Hall publications such as “Working Women’s Guide to Managing Stress” and “Working Woman’s Communications Survival Guide.”

Cost: $35/M

Contact: Prentice Hall Direct, 201-909-6461