DIRECT Listline

By Feb 01, 2002

Carus Publishing Subscribers

ALC of New York has been named manager of the Carus Publishing lists. The 11 files contain the names of 1.1 million subscribers to Carrus kids


direct listline

By Feb 01, 2002

New Lists

Business Opportunity Digest

The 1.2 million subscribers listed here paid $15.95 to receive this entrepreneurial-focused publication. Readers are brought in through a mix of direct mail and space ads.
Cost: $85/M
Selections: Gender, state/SCF/ZIP
Contact: VentureDirect Worldwide, 212-655-5153

Hispanic Source

List Services Corp.’s Origins Ethnic Directbase is the source for the 1.5 million Hispanic direct mail buyers on this file. The Directbase contains the names of mail order buyers and subscribers from more than 70 ethnic groups and religious denominations.
Cost: $85/M
Selections: Quarterly hotline, lifestyles, ethnic/religious, age, telephone, household income, children by age range, gender, state/SCF/ZIP
Contact: List Services Corp., 203-743-2600

Books & Culture

There are 8,736 active subscribers to this evangelical Christian publication on the file. Nearly three-quarters of the readership is male. Those listed spent $24.95 to receive the magazine for a year. Subscriptions are generated through direct mail solicitations.
Cost: $105/M
Selections: State/SCF
Contact: Doug Ross Communications Inc., 480-966-1744

NHD Internet Players

This list features online sweepstakes and gaming site players. Each month 200,000 (70% women) sign up to use these services. Though the list is assembled from Web sites, names are available only at postal address.
Cost: $95/M
Selections: One-, three- and six-month recency, gender, state/SCF/ZIP
Contact: McCarthy Media Group, 608-329-6097

Account Activity

General Electric

MSGi Direct has won management rights to four files from General Electric Co. The lists identify 617,843 direct response service contract buyers; 4.2 million retail service contract buyers; 2.4 million new movers; and 4.3 million product registration card respondents.
Selections: Credit card, adult’s/children’s age range, ethnic coding, married, date of birth, estimated income, gender, state/SCF/ZIP
Cost: $85/M
Contact: MSGi Direct, 215-968-5020

Win 2000 Tech Professionals

A file of 717,621 computer industry workers who bought Windows 2000-related software products. Those on the file set up systems, write software and manage network growth. The file has been compiled from direct response sources, and is newly managed by Bethesda List Center Inc.
Cost: $190/M
Selections: Business and home address, recency, size of company, sales volume, industry, gender, state/SCF
Contact: Bethesda List Center Inc., 301-986-1455

Thunder Lizard

Rubin Response Management Services Inc. has been named manager of Thunder Lizard Productions’ conferences list by Fawcette Technical Publications. Included here are the names of 67,882 attendees and inquirers. Conferences cover Web design, marketing and commerce. Attendees are creative and design professionals.
Selections: State/SCF/ZIP
Cost: $195/M
Contact: Rubin Response Management Services Inc., 847-619-9800