Coming in next month’s PROMO

By Dec 01, 1998

Marketing All-Stars Who are the promotion marketers that had the biggest impact on the business world in 1998? Find out next month when promo profiles the 10 at the top. We also reveal the editorial staff’s pick for Marketer of the Year.

Millenium Mania Next month, brands are going to start partying like it’s 1999 – because it will be 1999. Regular contributor Bob Woods presents a preview of the Year 2000 countdown promotions that will – for good or ill – crowd the consumer consciousness in the months ahead.

Media 2000: The Pager Option The first in a series of six special features examining a marketing phenomenon: promotional tactics and devices as alternative media. Perplexed by the inefficiencies of traditional mass media like TV and radio, brands are taking their messages straight to their targets through mobile tours, interactive phonecards, special events, and yes, pagers. Senior writer Richard Sale reports.