CMT Drops Voice Messages in Urinals

By Oct 20, 2004

In-bathroom promotion has gained ground as a great spot to spend time with the elusive young male demographic.

CMT is using interactive urinal
communicators in bars
to promote CMT Outlaws

Country Music Television is the latest brand to drop a promotion prop into urinals in bars, concert venues, colleges and radio stations, in this case, to help create buzz for its upcoming televised CMT
Outlaws concert and countdown specials.

The deodorizing urinal drain filter cover comes with a waterproof anti-glare lenticular viewing display, pre-recorded audio message and flashing lights. When activated, a message in a woman’s voice says, “Don’t miss Outlaws on CMT. You seem to miss everything else.” The devices are designed to last more than 10,000 flushes.

“We’re always looking for innovative ways of reaching viewers, in this case the male audience,” said James Hitchcock, VP, creative and marketing, CMT, in a statement. “The social protocols of the use of a urinal—the unwritten rule not to look left or right—guarantees undivided and undistracted visual attention along with the concurrent audio delivery of the tune-in message.”

Atlanta-based promotion agency GREAT! handles. The urinal communicators were designed by Islip, NY-based Wizmark.