Clorox Community Has Fun with Toilet Training “Oops” Moments

By Nov 08, 2011

Clorox has 427,750 fans on its “Bleachable Moments” website and another 10,543 fans talking about it.

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That’s the power of Facebook and the fans that brands can build for a particular product, like Clorox Bleach.

The brand refers to the site as one of its new online communities, a place where moms can share “bleachable moments” through a contest that tackles life’s “Yuck + Oops” moments. In particular, the contest revolves around the consequences of putting together a toilet-training toddler and a warm bathtub.

In an introductory video, natural food chef Bethany Frankel talks with mommy bloggers about the contest and other attributes of the site. In another, a little boy runs down a hall yelling proudly to his mom that he made “poo poo.” She’s so happy, praising him as she heads toward the toilet. But when she looks in both the toilet and the training toilet, sees nothing, and says to her son, “where”? He points to the bathtub.

Visitors can download a 50-cents-off instant coupon or like the page to enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win $25,000. People can enter up to 20 “moments” and a photo that will be judged by the public.

At the site, people also have a chance to win a $100 gift card if Clorox chooses their story as one of its daily “Awkward Moments” or if the player tweets from a special Twitter tool they find once they upload their photo.

Handled by ePrize, the contest runs through March 18.