Buyer’s Guide

By Oct 01, 2007

Technology and accountability. Not surprisingly, these are two of the top direct marketing media trends for the coming year. Direct recently talked with Michelle Saperstein, vice president and group media director at Draftfcb, to get her thoughts on the DM media landscape. Saperstein joined the agency in 1991 from A. Eicoff & Co. Her current client list includes Archer Daniels Midland, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, and Diners Club International.

DIRECT: Is accountability increasingly more important in the DM media space?

SAPERSTEIN: Yes. Metrics are becoming more important than ever and every media vehicle is being called to task to see what it’s contributing to the bottom line. I think more and more marketers are looking for proof that every dollar they’re spending has strong ROI. The shift to digital is making accountability easier to measure. It helps us optimize our media plans. We have real-time analytics and control of our messaging. Of course, one of direct marketing’s big challenges is overall costs. Postal rates continue to increase, and that’s driving a lot of marketers to look at alternatives to help minimize costs.

DIRECT: Do you think consumer attention