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By Aug 01, 2010

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Full Coverage: Integrating Social, Direct and Mass Media Insures Success for SBLI

When people get to certain stages of their time shuffling around in this mortal coil say, getting married or becoming parents they realize that life insurance


E-mail Metrics That Matter

For geeks and wonks, the ease of accessing a multitude of e-mail marketing metrics is akin to being the proverbial kid in a candy store. But just as even


Fixing Loyalty: How Brands Are Shaking Up Rewards Programs

In a sense, loyalty programs have nothing to prove. Since the first S&H Green Stamp was handed out in 1896, customers have been drawn to the notion of


Power of Incentives: How Marketers Are Building Loyalty and their Bottom Line

Whether you're a rocket scientist or a housekeeper, employee recognition programs that use incentives to reward staff members for doing good work can


T-Shirts to Talk About

Causes that fire up emotions in people can bring out the best in what promotional products can do. In October, about 4,000 people will walk in the Hartford


Beyond the Carrot: Using incentives to inspire your sales team to engage

Companies use incentive campaigns to inspire sales reps when its time to launch a new product, gain market share or meet quarterly goals. The internal


CM Corner Table: The Value of Loyalty

Loyalty programs have been around for more than 70 years, and more marketers than ever are turning to rewards to retain and reactivate customers. But


2011 PRO Awards Finalists

Click on each campaign name to view their full description. BEST MULTIDISCIPLINE CAMPAIGN Arm Yourself for the Ones You LoveAgency: Arc WorldwideClient: Walgreens Game of Thrones- Maesters ChallengeAgency: HBOClient: HBO 3rd PLACE: Huddle to Fight ...

Data & Analytics

Aug. 01, 2010

Behind the Scenes at the Latest DEWmocracy Campaign

The people have spoken, and Mountain Dew's newest citrus flavor, crowd-sourced for a year and due to hit store shelves in late August, is White Out. But


Aug. 01, 2010

NWF Moves Quickly on Spill With Direct Mail

Timing is everything in dealing with a news-focused fundraiser. When an oil rig exploded on April 20, spilling oil into the Gulf of Mexico and threatening


Jul. 23, 2010

Sweet Treats for a Tweet

From her desk in midtown Manhattan, a woman tweets out a message to Ben & Jerry’': Can they have the "Scoop Truck" stop by her office so she and her friends can get a free sample of some of its new flavors


Aug. 01, 2010

Ben & Jerry's Lids Sinc With iPhone App

Besides its Twitter tour, the Vermont ice cream superpower has launched another way to get people in touch with its treats: an iPhone app that makes visions


Aug. 01, 2010

Credit Card Helps Intercontinental Check in With Top Travelers

Chase Card Services and the InterContinental Hotels Group used direct feedback from their frequent travelers to design a new credit card product, the

Marketing Tips

Aug. 01, 2010

Phone-Based Analytics Ring True

Meineke Car Care Center is taking a minimalist approach to data analysis: All it uses to fuel its calculations are phone numbers. The company uses between


Aug. 01, 2010

You've got Data, So Use It: Why You Need to Go Beyond Traditional DM

According to a Forrester survey, only 7 percent of U.S. consumers think the marketing e-mails they receive are relevant. And only 10% of direct mail pieces


Aug. 01, 2010

CM Listline: Best Ways to Market to the Government

ONCE UPON A TIME, Sept. 30 the end of the federal government's fiscal year meant renewed optimism among government sales reps. Leaves seemingly fell off

Editor's Note

Aug. 01, 2010

The Road to Great Advertising: What Brand Can Learn From Direct

Most ad agencies and clients want to create great advertising. Unfortunately, despite Clios and Superbowl polls, great advertising is often difficult

CM Report

Aug. 01, 2010

Personal Touch in the Mailbox: PURLs Drive Variable Data Growth

You might not want to put pearls before swine, but if you want to make the most of variable data printing, PURLs are what you need to put in front of

Marketing Operations Management

Aug. 01, 2010

Chieftains: How Many Loyalty Programs Do You Actively Use?


Big Fat Ideas

Aug. 01, 2010

Resolve Your Direct Mail Deliverability Issues

If approved, the latest proposed postal rate increase will likely take effect in early 2011. With that on the horizon, now is a good time for mailers


Jul. 01, 2010

The Next Generation of Direct Mail Is Here

Combining traditional direct mail tactics with new, interactive capabilities is a cost-effective way for every business


Aug. 01, 2010

Advice for Successful E-mail Appending

E-MAIL APPENDING, in which a data provider supplies you with the e-mail addresses of customers for whom you already have postal addresses and other information,


Aug. 01, 2010

4 Oft-Overlooked E-mail Metrics to Track

Some metrics, such as open rates, get much more scrutiny than they arguably warrant (see E-mail Metrics That Matter, page 17). Others, though, are criminally


Aug. 17, 2010

Sears Rolls Web Site Targeting Puerto Rican Market

When it comes to targeting Hispanic consumers, most online merchants take an approach that centers on simple translation of their Web site


Aug. 01, 2010

Meta-Movies: Consumers Watching More Online Video Than Ever

New research from Frank N. Magid Associates finds consumers watching more online video than ever. Half of Internet users now say they watch Web video


Aug. 01, 2010

iAds and iPads: App-Based Ad Targeting

NO MATTER HOW YOU GRAB HOLD OF IT, iPhone 4 was good for Apple's revenues. And the iPad hasn't hurt either. The company posted a 61% year-over-year gain


Aug. 01, 2010

Papa Gino's Sweeps Boosts Data Collection

A quick way to add quality names to your loyalty program database is to run a sweeps with a rock-solid match between the prize and the appropriate demographic.


Aug. 01, 2010

Get Social With Incentives

Know Your audience: Understanding the psychographics and technographics of your audience is paramount. What are their triggers and inhibitors? What motivates


Aug. 01, 2010

Idea to Steal: Package Deal

Putting a high-end premium in a cheap, no-frills package can defeat the whole purpose of a given campaign. Think about the context of the promotional


Aug. 01, 2010

As Seen on TV—And Beyond: DRTV Trends and Tips

DRTV TRENDS AND TIPS FOR THE INTERNET ERA Chief Marketer recently chatted with Robert Medved, CEO of Cannella Response Television, LLC, to get his thoughts


Aug. 01, 2010

Be Honest in DRTV and Embrace the Web

Remember the scream and sell infomercials of yesteryear, with over-the-top claims that exaggerated a product's benefits? For smart marketers, those are


Aug. 01, 2010

Lunchbox Wars: Hillshire Farms Throws Down the Tasting Gauntlet to Moms

Moms, Hillshire Farms is throwing down the gauntlet and it kinda smells like ham. Before school gets back in session, the brand is calling on lunchbox-packing


Aug. 01, 2010

Vehicle Shopping Tips for Your Next Road Show

When StarKist asked Grand Central Marketing to handle a vehicle tour over the summer to promote the healthy benefits of tuna, the agency chose an Airstream


Aug. 01, 2010

Events: Dirty Streets Make Great Canvases

City streets have a well deserved reputation for being filthy. And whether that's a good or bad thing depends on your perspective. GreenGraffiti, a company

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Aug. 01, 2010



Aug. 01, 2010

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