Roundtable Discussion: Lead Generation in a Post-PC World

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Laptops and desktop computers are so 2011.

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According to comScore, mobile phones and tablets now account for 1 in 8 total Internet page views in the U.S., and by the end of 2012 smartphones will become the mobile majority. As a result of this tidal wave of a trend, the mobile ecosystem and location-based interactions are stealing the spotlight, and marketers are finding new opportunities to engage consumers in more intimate, mutually beneficial ways. This has big implications for the way leads will be generated, too.

To shed more light on lead generation in a post-PC world, we’ve rounded up the input of four experts. In this roundtable discussion, you’ll read about why marketers should pay attention to Africa, Central America and South America; the renewed importance of phone calls; the importance of user-centricity; and how marketers can cut through the noise.

Ori Carmel, VP of performance strategy,


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