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Tips for Better Triggered Online Campaigns

By Martin Stockfleth Larsen Use of programmatic, triggered campaigns such as ad retargeting, abandoned cart efforts, ad exchanges a

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Sep. 18 2006

Social Networks: or, How to Win on Friendster and Influence People

Nothing in the online advertising space has attracted more attention recently than the phenomenon of social networking. And judging by the audience numbers for these online communities, nothing probably could. (Well, if Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes began renting out ad space on baby Suri’s Pampers, perhaps.)



Sep. 09 2006

Future Trends in Interactive Marketing (and the Future is Now) – Part 2

Welcome to the second in our two-part series on Internet marketing and communication trends. Here we’ll look at another seven enhancements and improvements within the medium.



Aug. 31 2006

Ads and the Blogosphere

The blogosphere is getting to be quite a crowded spot. At press time, Nielsen BuzzMetrics BlogPulse had identified about 32.9 million blogs on the global Internet and counted about 850,000 new posts in the course of a single day. But it’s not just bloggers who’ve taken up RSS, the Really Simple Syndication platform that lets users subscribe to have content delivered to their browsers automatically as it’s posted.



Aug. 25 2006

Future Trends in Interactive Marketing (and the Future is Now) —Part 1

Nobody debates that the Internet allows for the most cost-efficient, personalized, and effective communication with consumers. Online communication can support brand building and generate sales, individually and simultaneously.



Aug. 03 2006

Gen Y Phones It In

Today’s mobile phones are tomorrow’s e-commerce mediums, according to Forrester. In a study of consumers and technology, the firm found that Generation Y uses its phones for a lot more then making calls – which means that once it has some serious money to spend, it’ll be comfortable with this channel. Will you?



Jul. 19 2006

Mobile Marketing: Dunkin’ Donuts Serves SMS 1

A two-month SMA-based advertising campaign in Italy resulted in a 9% increase in sales for Dunkin’ Donuts stores in Rome.



Jun. 12 2006

Mobile Messaging: Applications and Implications

Today’s mobile technologies offer more communication options and more consumer control–and more confusion.



Apr. 15 2006

Lesson from the Viral Marketing Hall of Fame: Any Marketer Can Do Viral

I’m often called on to judge marketing awards. My least favorite are those judged on creative execution alone. Anyone who has ever been surprised by which tested ad creative produced the best results (and who hasn’t?) will recognize the idiocy of awards based solely on what’s prettiest or most “innovative.”



Feb. 23 2006

Meow Darling, Catwoman Here

How would like to get a call on your mobile phone from Catwoman?

Okay, you’re not going to be talking with Catwoman personally. But you could see a short video clip of her, attached to a promo for the movie, thanks to advanced mobile technology.



Oct. 03 2005

Yahoo! Gets Passionate About Ads

The object of online advertising is to engage the consumer and communicate a clear benefit to the audience, Yahoo! CMO Cammie Dunaway said. This builds passion for a product, which in turn creates brand loyalty.