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Honda Markets its Fit to Gen Y

Michael Barris (Mobile Marketer) The 2015 Honda Fit is a car made for Gen Y’ers. It’s subcompact, good on gas and all the marketing will be easy for them to see: right on mobile, video and soci

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Mar. 07 2012

Chevy Sonic’s Web Presence Pushes Content as Much as Cars 5

Chevy rolled out the entire content package last month around its Super Bowl ad featuring a sky-diving, bungee-jumping, kickflipping Sonic, with a web site,, full of clips relating to the stunt driving and music that went into that 60-second spot



Mar. 01 2012

Why Your Brand Should Get Active in Pinterest—and How 4

Pinterest is the latest social platform to draw marketers’ attention for its swift user growth and its abaility to drive traffic to web sites. The rules are still being made, but here’s some sound thinking on how to get pinning, and winning.




Feb. 15 2012

The Best of the Best: Four Game Changing Ideas from IMA Winners

All of these campaigns offer valuable lessons that marketers can apply to their own promotional efforts in 2012



Feb. 14 2012


Jan. 31 2012

Super Bowl Ads Offer ROI Measurement Challenges 1

While the big game may not offer the same ease in calculating financial-based ROI metrics a direct marketing campaign does, there are measurements marketers can generate that validate the investment



Jan. 25 2012

IBM’s Social Selling: The Computer Giant Finds B2B Leads in Social Media 4

In B2B marketing, how do you make social media an efficient, cost-effective channel for finding new customers and selling to business clients?



Jan. 04 2012

Betty Crocker Hits Sweet Spot with How-to Cake Videos 1

Rather than reaching for a clever, entertaining video premise that had lots of virality but no staying power, General Foods’ Betty Crockret brand looked at what people really wanted from their product online. They found the answer in kids’ birthday suggestions and now dominate the cake demo space.



Dec. 31 2011

Big Idea Skintimate: 2011 IMA Award Winner 2

2011 IMA Award winner, Best Use of Online Contest or Sweepstakes for Lead Generation | Almost 5,000 teenage girls signed up for an essay video contest branded by Skintimate Signature Scents for the chance to become a member of one of two crews of nine girls to be flown to Hollywood to produce a film and edit a short movie



Dec. 31 2011

Snow Day by Rosetta: 2011 IMA Award Winner

Best in Show | This self-promotional program, a first, was designed to show customers that Rosetta had moved beyond just a strategy and segmentation company to a topnotch interactive agency



Dec. 31 2011

LG Text Ed With Jane Lynch: 2011 IMA Award Winner 1

2011 IMA Award winner, Best Social Marketing Campaign: Networks | The scourge of mobile phones: sexting mobile bullying and driving while texting, particularly among teens. LG took this on as a social cause because mobile misuse was running rampant among teens