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Tips for Better Triggered Online Campaigns

By Martin Stockfleth Larsen Use of programmatic, triggered campaigns such as ad retargeting, abandoned cart efforts, ad exchanges a

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May. 04 2012

The Digital Toolbox Gets Bigger: CM Interactive Marketing Survey 2012

Asked to identify their biggest problems in digital campaigns, the more than 1,000 respondents to this year’s Chief Marketer interactive marketing survey voiced a broad range of complaints, from not being confident they are using the right platforms to finding the budget resources to implement those tactics.



May. 04 2012

Scion Revs Up: Buzz-worthy Web Content Helps Carmaker Reach New Generation 3

In preparation for a pair of new model launches this year, Scion transitioned its website to a new HTML-5-based platform, resulting in quicker load times, greater interactivity and more content abilities for the brand.



May. 02 2012

GameStop Puts Retail At Heart of Loyalty Program 1

Data allows GameStop’s in-store game advisors to address the 10 million participants in the PowerUp loyalty program individually.



Apr. 24 2012

Brands Test Google+ with Local Marketing Pilots

Asking a few simple questions can get your brand headed in the right direction when it comes to Google+.



Apr. 18 2012

Value, Visibility, Voice Are Keys to Loyalty Program Connections

Bryan Pearson, president and CEO of LoyaltyOne and author of The Loyalty Leap, discusses the three Vs of loyalty — value, visibility and voice.



Apr. 06 2012

ExxonMobil, Shopkick Test Check-in Rewards at Gas Station C-Stores

ExxonMobil is testing a deal with shopping rewards app Shopkick to give gas customers an incentive to pay inside– and perhaps to pick up a few things before they do.



Mar. 29 2012

Using Web Data to Improve Your Retail Storefront 1

For brick and mortar retailers, ecommerce data can provide many relevant and timely indicators of popularity, such as new or increasingly popular search terms, or engagement metrics like dwell time on particular products or categories.



Mar. 08 2012

Making the Most of Paid Search to Engage B2B Buyers

Here’s 5 underutilized paid search opportunities B2B marketers should take advantage of to boost their online ROI.



Mar. 01 2012

Why Your Brand Should Get Active in Pinterest—and How 4

Pinterest is the latest social platform to draw marketers’ attention for its swift user growth and its abaility to drive traffic to web sites. The rules are still being made, but here’s some sound thinking on how to get pinning, and winning.



Feb. 14 2012