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Why Social Media Influencers are a Valuable Asset for Your Brand

By Al Cadena The popularity of this year’s fifth-annual VidCon, which saw 18,000 people swarming Anaheim to meet their favorite YouTube stars, is just the latest piece of evidence proving that Yo

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Jan. 23 2013

U by Kotex Research Leads to Online Community for Girls 2

U by Kotex has debuted, a new branded information and social hub where girls can get the facts about vaginal health and wellness.



Jan. 03 2013

6 Influencer Marketing Trends for 2013

Influencer marketing has experienced explosive growth. Here’s what’s trending for the New Year.



Dec. 20 2012

Power Pack: Ideas and Trendsetters to Watch in 2013 1

From brands ranging from Craftsman and KFC to IKEA and Coca-Cola, read about campaigns that tap into trends all marketers will be grappling with in 2013.



Dec. 17 2012

4 New Social Media Opportunities in the New Year 3

Social media as a marketing tool made great strides in 2012. What can you do to take social marketing to the next level?



Dec. 04 2012

5 Pinterest Pointers for the Holidays

It takes a combination of common sense and creativity to get the most return from your efforts on Pinterest. Here are few suggestions:




Dec. 04 2012

Social Connections Paying off for Brands: Study 2

All that hard work brand managers have been putting into social media appears to be paying off. Some 70% of consumers in a new study from SocialVibe, conducted by GfK, reported making a purchase as a result of participating with a brand socially.



Nov. 29 2012

UGG VP Marketing on Tom Brady’s Impact on the Brand 1

Nancy Mamann, vice president of marketing, UGG Australia, talks about the impact quarterback Tom Brady’s participation has had on the brand.



Nov. 15 2012

4 Ways Marketers Can Use Private Pinterest Pinboards 2

Secret pinboards are the latest do-da from Pinterest offering an element of mystery for brand marketers to tap into in a number of interesting ways.



Sep. 24 2012


Sep. 18 2012

How to Make Your Online Contest Cheater-Proof 4

Players who cheat contests are a real concern for agencies and brands. Learn the most vulnerable elements, how these elements get hacked and how to prevent attacks.