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Honey Maid Responds to Anti-gay Comments: Video

Nathalie Tadena (CMO Today) The Honey Maid brand took a real bashing over its March ad showing interracial and same-sex families. It responded with Read and Discuss

Dec. 12 2011

National Audubon Engages With Birders on Facebook

The National Audubon Society looked at two factors the immense popularity of Angry Birds and the launch of the bird-watching-themed movie The Big Year from 20th Century Fox and saw recruitment potential



Dec. 08 2011

Eight Ways to Market More Socially This Holiday Season

Some key dates during the peak of the holiday season still lie ahead and keeping a handy list of tips and reminders will help marketers get the most out of social media and Facebook ads during the holidays



Dec. 08 2011

Driving For the Green: A Q&A With TaylorMade Golf’s Bob Maggiore 1

Chief Marketer talked with Bob Maggiore, newly-named CMO for the Adidas Group’s TaylorMade Golf subsidiary, about the challenges and benefits of keeping customers buzzing about your products year-round



Dec. 06 2011

As IPOs Go, Zynga’s No Groupon (And That’s A Good Thing)

Both Zynga, the online games company whose offerings include Farmville, Mafia Wars and Zynga Poker, and Groupon, the daily deal site, are dot-coms which deal primarily in virtual goods. They hold no physical inventory and rarely generate transactions …



Oct. 19 2011

“Tower Heist” Facebook Game Offers Credits for Online Scavengers

Universal Studios is promoting the “Tower Heist” movie with a Facebook scavenger game that offers credits for uncovering “Heist It Back” buttons in the network.



Oct. 05 2011

Personas Help Frederick’s Target Email, Catalog Mailings

Frederick’s of Hollywood has improved its email and catalog targeting by segmenting it’s file with purchase-behavior based personas.



Oct. 01 2011

Social Marketing Goes Mainstream: Chief Marketer Annual Survey Find Marketers Believe in Power of Social 2

What’s the tipping point when a channel morphs from niche tactic to mainstream marketing tool? It’s arbitrary, but 75% seems as good a milestone as any



Sep. 28 2011

With Monopoly Promotion, McDonald’s Again Rules a Boardwalk Empire

This latest iteration of the game integrates in-store game play with online “second win” chances, more numerous winning game pieces, and a broad mix of food- and non-food prices



Sep. 01 2011

Beauty Marks

One of Estée Lauder’s favorite sayings was Tell-a-phone, tell-a-graph, tell-a-woman, based on her strong belief that once a woman tried and liked a product,



Aug. 09 2011

Ben & Jerry’s Mixes Sweets & Tweets 1

At the Vermont headquarters of Ben & Jerry’s, we’re always looking for the next fun and funky thing. Whether it’s a flavor with late night’s Jimmy Fallon or a quick turn-around response to a timely opportunity like the legalization of gay marriage. While we hear all the time that “there are no new ideas” and that every marketing effort has been done before—we refuse to believe it. And that is how we came up with a new twist on Twitter to support our commitment to Fair Trade.