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Honey Maid Responds to Anti-gay Comments: Video

Nathalie Tadena (CMO Today) The Honey Maid brand took a real bashing over its March ad showing interracial and same-sex families. It responded with Read and Discuss

Jul. 29 2012

Mobile Looms Large as Facebook Fights Branding Medium Label 1

There’s a lot more news in Facebook-land than just its recently announced financial performance. Nestled within the company’s very first earning report and related management call are a number of gems regarding how marketers can best make use of changes the social network is planning. Want a hint? Think mobile, and think it a lot.



Jul. 27 2012

The Active Network Trains Active Ambassadors 1

Physically active consumers are an attractive demographic for advertisers. But reaching those individuals through sponsorships can be a costly and complicated process.



Jul. 24 2012

Email, Social Help Garden Girl Skin Care Connect With Consumers 6

Garden Girl Skin Care is using a mix of email marketing, social media and a presence at local live events to build brand awareness.



Jul. 20 2012

How to Use Pinterest for Niche Marketing 3

Three simple steps to target niche demographics on Pinterest.



Jun. 12 2012

Cracker Barrel Builds Database with Sweepstakes

Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores is runnings the




May. 25 2012

Medill’s New Marketing Research Center Initially Focuses on Social Media and Purchase Behavior 1

A new marketing research initiative at the Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications at Northwestern University seeks to give marketers useful insight into database and digital-based behavior.



May. 24 2012

White Castle UGC Contest, Mobile App Call Out to “Craver Nation” 2

White Castle is energizing its fervent fan base with a summer of contests challenging “Craver Nation” to show their love in creative ways. Submissions are put to a popular vote for prizes, and a concurrent sweepstakes offers to give one Craver sliders for life.




May. 03 2012

Social Media: Tips for Better Social Sharing and Engagement

Download the latest Social Media tip sheet from Chief Marketer



Apr. 28 2012

Sauza Pulls a Leaf from the Old Spice Video Playbook

Shades of the Old Spice Guy! Sauza Blue Silver Tequila offers up a viral fireman who strips down, mixes a perfect margarita, and has an opinion about leggings vs. jeggings.