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How Brands are Sneaking Ads onto Vine

Kurt Wagner (Mashable) Brands are utilizing a form of stealth advertising, paying the platform's most popular users to "organically" push products to their massive followings. (Brands already use V

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Feb. 14 2012


Feb. 01 2012

Eukanuba Facebook Fan Pets to Appear in 2013 Calendar 3

People love their pets, and just like their kids, they love to post photos of the creatures for all their friends to see.

Eukanuba, a P&G brand, has launched a contest that strikes at the hearts and minds of pet owners everywhere: post a photo of your Boxer or Spaniel for the world to see. Oh, and, by the way, you could win a year’s supply of dog food.



Jan. 31 2012

Super Bowl Ads Offer ROI Measurement Challenges 1

While the big game may not offer the same ease in calculating financial-based ROI metrics a direct marketing campaign does, there are measurements marketers can generate that validate the investment



Dec. 19 2011

GetGlue Connects Entertainment Marketers With Fans 1

As TV watchers, moviegoers and readers increasingly consume entertainment with tablets and smartphones at their sides, the potential for marketers to connect with them via another screen becomes more and more enticing. Enter GetGlue, which wants to become the social hub for entertainment.



Oct. 19 2011

Groupon’s IPO Raises Questions For Participating Merchants 2

Monday’s New York Times featured a terrific column by Andrew Ross Sorkin on Groupon’s finances, as well as some reasons behind its delayed initial public offering (IPO). Sorkin’s column is must reading for investors. Consumers have their sources of …



Oct. 14 2011

Connecting With Prospects and Customers on LinkedIn

How can you make the most of LinkedIn to build your business’s social profile



Oct. 01 2011

Social Marketing Goes Mainstream: Chief Marketer Annual Survey Find Marketers Believe in Power of Social 2

What’s the tipping point when a channel morphs from niche tactic to mainstream marketing tool? It’s arbitrary, but 75% seems as good a milestone as any



Sep. 15 2011

Whole Foods/LivingSocial Deal May Make Money, But Misses The Mark

The Whole Foods/LivingSocial deal, under which one million consumers purchased $20 grocery coupons for $10, is already a win for Whole Foods. The high-end supermarket chain has received a wealth of media mentions as a result of the deal, a phenomenon …



Aug. 17 2011

Before You “Check In”: What Loyalty Marketers Need to Know About Location-Based Services

I’ve won and lost four mayorships in the past six months. To my credit, I leveraged my time in office to earn a few kickbacks (discounted meals and a free glass of wine), but I lost each title within days of winning one. This dubious achievement doesn’t make me a bad politician—it makes me an unreliable player of Foursquare, a social check-in game.