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4 Reasons Why YOU Should Attend the PRO Awards Gala: June 25 NYC

Whether your campaign rose to the top as a 2014 PRO Awards finalist, you entered a campaign that didn’t quite make the cut

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May. 09 2012

Visa Attempts Olympic Gold in Social Media: Q&A 1

Alex Craddock, head of North American marketing for Visa, Inc., shares his thoughts on preparing to launch Visa



May. 03 2012

Soccer, a Way of Life for Hispanics, and now for 7UP, too

7UP has formed a deal with Alianza de Futbol to launch the Sue



May. 01 2012

Walmart Customers Hunt for “Avengers” P-O-P to Play Mobile Game 1

Walmart is partnering with “The Avengers” by debuting a game that melds the in-store experience with an augmented reality mobile app, called the “Super Hero Augmented Reality.”



Apr. 24 2012

Zippo Finds its Sweet Spot in Musical Events

The Zippo Manufacturing Co. is underway with its latest sponsorship, handled by Cenergy, called



Apr. 02 2012

A 12 Year Local Racing Sponsorship is Paying Off for Tecate Light

Tecate Light reaps the benefits of a 12 year sponsorship of the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.



Mar. 30 2012

A Little Tale About A Few Hairy Hockey Players 2

“Beard-a-Thon,” that zany promotion that taps into a long-standing tradition of National Hockey League players not shaving during the playoffs as a show of solidarity, is entering its fourth season.



Mar. 14 2012

Sprite’s Brand Manager Talks Basketball: Q&A

The “Sprite Showdown Amateur Dunk,” has a new name this year, the “Sprite Uncontainable Game”, and expands its search beyond just basketball players who can slam-dunk.



Feb. 03 2012

Mattel Extends Reach of New Toy with Branded Entertainment

Mattel is out with a new line of Hot Wheels vehicles and has created an online game and animation series to extend the reach of the toys to an older audience. Branded entertainment extends new Hot Wheels toy to tweens and teens The Hot Wheels Battle X …