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How YOU Can Win a 2014 PRO Award

Entering the PRO Awards is a rewarding, yet time consuming task, and the importance of fully and carefully completing the process cannot be unde

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Dec. 07 2011

Kikkoman Loves Food Occasions

Kikkoman loves barbeques, Super Bowl tailgate parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other special occasions. These key food occasions provide timeframes for the brand to push out recipe ideas for new ways to use its products along with incentives to purchase.



Dec. 06 2011

Holiday Spending on Gift Cards to be Highest Since 2007

For the fifth year in a row, gift cards top Christmas wish lists.



Nov. 28 2011

2012 Trends Report: The Outlook for Marketing Growth in Key Promotional Categories

The economy’s still shaky and consumers are still nervous about opening their wallets. But that doesn’t mean promotional marketing gets to take a breather. More than ever, the burden remains on marketers to conceive of, execute and measure innovative and convincing promotions that will ultimately help seal the deal. Promo talked with promotional experts about what 2012 may bring for marketers and their agencies.



Nov. 15 2011

Naming Hostess Penguins for a $2,500 Gift Card

Hostess is using a gift card as a grand prize in a new contest that it says will “brighten the holiday season” for the winner.



Nov. 14 2011

Building Brand Loyalty Starts with Employees

As marketers understand and adhere to McKinsey & Co. marketing expert David Court’s customer-lifecycle model, the “Consumer Decision Journey,” they also can apply loyalty-marketing best practices to employee recruitment, retention and engagement.



Nov. 09 2011

Amex’s “Small Business Saturday” Is Back and Bigger Than Ever 5

Last November, American Express OPEN spent exactly two and a half weeks pulling together its first “Small Business Saturday” campaign. The merchant services division of Amex leveraged primarily Facebook and a few brand partnerships to set up a program rewarding cardmembers for carving out time between Black Friday and Cyber Monday to shop their independent local stores.



Nov. 04 2011

Top Three Promotional Trends for 2012: Mobile, Segmentation, Demand for Data

2012 with all its unknowns is looming. Let’s take a look at three tops trends that will affect promotion marketing.



Nov. 02 2011

To Target Offers Effectively, Look to Transactions

Merchants can earn a better return on rewards, discounts or offers by targeting them to the right customers, using data about shopping behavior from sources such as online bank statements



Oct. 19 2011

5 Steps to Improve Your Loyalty Program

We all know that the cost to acquire a new customer is five to seven times greater than the cost to keep an existing one. Yet, a mistake that many companies often make is not actively engaging and rewarding their current customers. Here are five simple steps to keep those programs humming.



Oct. 12 2011

Rethinking Rebates Over Price Cuts

Rebates are the most effective way to drive sales without resorting to permanent price reductions.