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Free Frankenfood for All!

How about a piece of Fruity Pebbles fried chicken or a taste of Spam sushi? Sound good to you? Well it did to thousands of visitors to Spike TV’s Frankenfoods food truck marketing its first food

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Feb. 01 2001

You Have to Be There

If you’ve been to a seminar or cocktail party lately, you know the buzzword du jour is “experiential marketing.” In this issue, managing editor Dan Hanover



Jun. 01 2000

Charging Forward : Energizer buys a Magic Bus ticket for the fall.

He may keep going and going, but even that peppy rabbit needs a ride every now and then.Next October, battery maker Energizer Holdings’ hippity-hoppity



Feb. 01 2000

VOTES: Pop Goes the Century

With its 150-plus malls nationwide brimming with shoppers during the holidays, Indianapolis-based Simon Property Group and partner Pepsi-Cola, whose Joy



Sep. 01 1999

Your Tax Dollars at Work: Compaq uses street tactics to spur federal sales.

For federal employees, Washington DC’s summer heat wave was business as usual. For Compaq Computers, it was a marketing breakthrough.Compaq launched a



Feb. 01 1999


Shopping Is Thirsty Work The outlet mall moguls at Prime Retail are pinning their promotional plans on cans of Coca-Cola. The Baltimore-based property



Sep. 01 1998

Chugging Along

Jim Page doesn’t think much about the breakfast table these days. Page is the ringleader for Dean Food Co.’s $13 million rollout of Milk Chug, resealable



Jul. 01 1998

On the Road Again

BOULDER, CO – Schwinn, the self-proclaimed American Classic, has sponsorship partners clinging to it like swarms of bees on a branch. Kraft Food’s Tang



Jul. 01 1998

Mrs. Butterworth’s hot air balloon starts tour.

COLUMBUS, OH – Giving new meaning to the term “rise and shine,” Aurora Foods launched the “Breakfast Over America” balloon tour. It features a 30-foot