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Event & Experiential Marketing Special Report

In this Chief Marketer Special Report, we explore why marketers are no longer content with reaching customers and prospects at an event, but are now trying to engulf them in an experience. Yo

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Jan. 20 2004 Sponsors Lingerie Bowl after Dodge Pulled out

Poker Web site has stepped in as the title sponsor of the controversial Lingerie Bowl airing Super Bowl Sunday after DaimlerChrysler Corp.



Jan. 20 2004

Faultless Starch Targets Rodeos 16

Laundry starch isn’t generally the stuff of cowboy lore, but Faultless Starch is playing the niche anyway. The tiny Bon Ami Co. brand hitches up with



Jan. 01 2004

Return OnWhat?

The excitement and buzz surrounding event marketing has forgiven many of its shortcomings specifically where it misses one of promotions’ greatest strengths:



Jan. 01 2004

PROMO exclusive: By the Numbers

At one time, marketers might have thought of events in terms of a stand-alone mobile unit parked at Wal-Mart to introduce new hair care products, or a guerrilla team working the streets of New York or Chicago to pass out coupons for a cellular phone.



Jan. 01 2004

Scene and Heard

If done well, events can be a marketer’s dream. At a well-planned and executed event, consumers get to touch the brand, play with it, test drive it, and



Dec. 18 2003

Coke Debuts Mall Lounges

Coca-Cola Co. has launched Coca-Cola Red Lounges targeting teens in malls in Illinois and Los Angeles. Lounges opened earlier this month in Chicago-area



Dec. 09 2003

A&E Network Launches Nationwide Campaign

A&E plans to hit New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Boston and Miami nationwide this month with street teams



Dec. 02 2003

The N Network Kicks-off Mall Tour

The N, Nickelodeon’s nighttime network for teens, this month takes its new series Real Access on a five-city mall tour. The Real Access Mall Tour will



Nov. 13 2003

McDonald’s Ends Monopoly, Readies for World Children’s Day

McDonald’s Corp. ended Best Chance Monopoly a few days early, as anticipated. The chain ran out of game pieces before the four-week promo’s scheduled



Nov. 11 2003

Campbell’s Samples its Soups in Malls

Campbell’s Soup Co. is stopping in cities across the country to offer samples of its Campbell’s Select soups. The tour hits 24 malls in 18 cities where