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Emails We Love: Back to School Round-Up

If you’re a parent, you’re in one or two camps this week. You’re either elated that the kids are finally out of the house and back in school, or, you’re as grumpy as the kids about school star

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Feb. 07 2012

Use Email To Give Your Social Content Traction: 4 Tips 2

What are the odds that your communication will appear in someone’s social news feed at the exact time that they are logged in to see it?



Feb. 01 2012

Email Watch: Nook Scores High With Pop Quiz

This past weekend, for the first time in ages, an email hit my inbox that made me want to revive our



Jan. 31 2012

Crabtree & Evelyn’s Rocky Road to Customer Loyalty 1

Crabtree & Evelyn has learned a lot about operating loyalty programs. It has had one version or another for about 10 years



Jan. 25 2012

Fan Club Promotions Help Dairy Queen Drive Customers to Franchises

Implementing share-to-social features to its email program helped Dairy Queen increase coupon redemptions and grow its Blizzard Fan Club database by nearly 1 million new members, to over 3.8 million members



Jan. 18 2012

4 Email Marketing Basics to Master in 2012

Here are four basics your team should be on top of to make the most of your email expenditures in 2012



Jan. 10 2012

10 Ways to Make Email Work Harder 1

Is there synergy in your digital marketing budget plans for 2012? A survey by marketing research firm 6S Marketing suggests a continued misalignment between email marketing spend and consumer behavior.



Jan. 03 2012

Don’t Make Email Marketing a Siloed Experience

A siloed approach to email marketing and campaign management only leads to customer fatigue and frustration. Organizations that tear down these walls and deliver a relevant, seamless, cross-channel customer experience will be rewarded with share of mind—and wallet.



Jan. 03 2012

Creating Synergy Between Social Media and Email Marketing 1

The rise in popularity of social media doesn’t mean the demise of email marketing. In fact, social media has the potential to elevate the effectiveness of email when the two are integrated wisely.



Dec. 31 2011

Marriott Rewards eNews: 2011 IMA Award Winner

2011 IMA Award winner, Best Email Marketing Campaign | The loyalty program, Marriott Rewards, mails monthly the email newsletter eNews, to its millions of worldwide members. The newsletter was too long and wordy for today’s fast-paced, digital-savvy consumer, and it needed updating with a more contemporary, easier-to-read format.