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Using Enewsletters to Drive Customer Behavior

By Craig Fitzgerald Monthly e-newsletters are an effective content marketing tactic, used by more than two thirds of marketers to distribute

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Apr. 04 2013

CM Tech Round-Up: Email Segmentation and Targeting

In this Chief Marketer Special Report learn the latest trends in behavior-driven segmentation and targeting, what email metrics matter, the importance of real time data, and email tools and tech you should consider to improve your ROI.




Mar. 22 2013

Triggered Email Volume on the Rise: Survey

The use of triggered email messaging is up 73% year over year, with triggered messages yielding 70.5% higher open rates and 101.8% higher click rates.



Feb. 12 2013

Managing the Buyer’s Journey Through Multiple Touchpoints 1

Here’s 10 tips to help manage the steady stream of customer data marketers receive every day from multiple touchpoints.



Dec. 20 2012

Building Healthcare Relationships With Email 1

Today, making email work is all about flexing creative muscle and finding new ways of leveraging the medium.




Oct. 03 2012

Mattel Uses Web to Boost Retail Sales and Bond with Collectors

A variety of ecommerce sites are helping Mattel boost retail partner sales and build bonds with collectors of brands like Barbie and Hot Wheels.



Sep. 12 2012

Website Usability Testing Boosts Profitability 31

Are B2B companies with the best possible offerings shooting themselves in the foot by hosting poorly designed websites? Chris Hicken, vice president of marketing at, offers several steps and tests marketers can take to identify rough patches between an onsite query and completion of a transaction, whether requesting more information or making a purchase.



Sep. 08 2012

Local Social Networking in Play for Sears Hometown Stores 1

In a local slant on social, franchisee owners of the 1,200-plus Sears Hometown and Outlet stories launch a Facebook video contest centered on their communities.



Sep. 04 2012

Database Gives Insight Into Email Timing, Engagement and Conversion 2

Marketers can boost email conversion rates by coordinating blasts to individual consumers’ demonstrated high-engagement times, thanks to a new tool from Epsilon. And the funny part? The inspiration for this (legitimate) system was a trick used by spammers.



Aug. 27 2012

Data and Frequency Capping Can Drive Better Media Buying: Q&A

Media planners have traditionally relied on measurements such as clicks and unique visitors to guide their online buys, but a combination of shifts in the metrics used, as well as frequency capping within and across ad networks, can significantly boost their programs



Aug. 22 2012

5 Tips to Keep Your Global Website Strategy On-Track 1

Your website is up and running in two languages, and you’re seeing increased web traffic and inbound sales leads. The translated site is paying off. In fact, your salespeople are clamoring for more languages before the end of the year. However, your boss is complaining about the cost of translation and maintenance. And everyone is looking to you for the solution. What’s a marketing executive to do?

Here are five tips to ensure that your global web strategy continues to gain traction: