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Emails We Love: Back to School Round-Up

If you’re a parent, you’re in one or two camps this week. You’re either elated that the kids are finally out of the house and back in school, or, you’re as grumpy as the kids about school star

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Mar. 20 2012

Email Inbox Placement Rates Decline 6%

Email inbox placement rates declined to a record low of 76.5% in the second half of 2011, according to Return Path’s most recent Global Email Deliverabilty Benchmark Report.



Feb. 14 2012


Feb. 01 2012

Multiple Email Addresses for Customers Can Hurt Response

As marketing databases mature, they inevitably accumulate more data, perform more slowly, and



Jan. 18 2012

4 Email Marketing Basics to Master in 2012

Here are four basics your team should be on top of to make the most of your email expenditures in 2012



Jan. 10 2012

10 Ways to Make Email Work Harder 1

Is there synergy in your digital marketing budget plans for 2012? A survey by marketing research firm 6S Marketing suggests a continued misalignment between email marketing spend and consumer behavior.



Dec. 19 2011

Mobile Email Recipients Not Saving Messages to Read Later on Desktop: Surveys 1

All marketers know that mobile devices enable consumers to check email whenever and where ever they want. But what they might not be considering is that once consumers read an email on their tablet or phone, they’re necessarily not saving it to follow-up on later on their desktop.



Dec. 13 2011

Tips for Avoiding ISP Filters and Getting Your Email Read

Some big changes have taken place over the last year in how ISPs process and deliver email. Filtering that used to focus on spam complaints and unsubscribes is now looking at metrics like messages that are deleted without being read, the percentage of messages received from a sender that are opened, and messages replied to.



Nov. 08 2011

The Importance of Monitoring Email Inbox Placement

The inbox placement metric takes deliverability one step further by looking at actual inbox activity. Did your message go into the spam or junk folder? Was it delivered in a timely manner? This information is crucial for many brands…



Oct. 04 2011

One-Fifth of Marketing Email Hitting Junk Folders: Report

Only 81% of commercial email is reaching inboxes, according to a new benchmark report from Return Path.