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85% of Web Pages Don’t Comply With TCPA Revisions

Claire Milazzo (PerformLine) Only about 15% of Web pages collecting contact information are complying with th

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Feb. 12 2012

Facebook IPO Will Draw Attention To Social Media Data Practices

Facebook’s impending initial public offering may cause additional scrutiny on all marketers’ data-gathering and data-mining practices. Dennis Dayman, Eloqua’s chief privacy and security officer outlines some concerns for direct marketers.



Jan. 21 2012

Why the Postal Service Must Survive

The USPS is a massive enterprise. They will probably lose $9 billion in 2011, and that rate of loss cannot be sustained. Something must be done.



Jan. 20 2012

Another Alternative Postal Delivery Venture 3

The latest assault on the U.S. Postal Service comes from some libraries, if you can believe it



Jan. 19 2012

SOPA: What’s Bad for the Internet is Bad for Marketers

When you look closer at the language and provisions of SOPA, you see that it could fundamentally change some of the common things you do as a marketer or merchant



Jan. 18 2012

4 Email Marketing Basics to Master in 2012

Here are four basics your team should be on top of to make the most of your email expenditures in 2012



Dec. 17 2011

The USPS Meets The Daily Show

Things at the U.S. Postal Service must be really, really dire and out of control when they come to the attention of prominent political satirists like “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” In a segment airing last Thursday, show regular Wyatt …



Dec. 06 2011

As IPOs Go, Zynga’s No Groupon (And That’s A Good Thing)

Both Zynga, the online games company whose offerings include Farmville, Mafia Wars and Zynga Poker, and Groupon, the daily deal site, are dot-coms which deal primarily in virtual goods. They hold no physical inventory and rarely generate transactions …



Nov. 02 2011

How Concerned Are Clients About Reduced Mail Delivery?

Welcome to Broker Roundtable, where each week we ask list brokers to give their opinions on issues that matter to the marketing community. This week’s question: How concerned are your clients about the prospect of reduced mail delivery?



Oct. 29 2011

ACMA’s Catalog Postage Survey: Sprawling, Ugly…and Necessary

Imagine receiving a survey on marketing practices. Now imagine receiving a marketing practices survey consisting of 25 multi-part questions spanning several different organization areas. Now consider that at least one of the questions has five …