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DMA Strategic Summit Focuses on C-Level Concerns

Chief Marketer is proud to be the co-sponsor of the DMA2014 Strategic Summit, a one-day, invitation-only forum for senior level and c-suite executives. The Summit will be held concurrently with the

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Mar. 10 2011

Prospecting With Puppets Pulls for Scientific Firm

Tom Simons of Partners + Simons shares how measurement-tools firm Agilent used puppets to charm online prospects into checking out a new product line, and offers thoughts on healthcare/scientific marketing trends you should watch.



Feb. 10 2011

Using Social and Product Data for More-Targeted Lead Scoring

Are you incorporating social media activity into your lead scoring process? Are you creating a distinct model for each of your product lines? Are you putting your third-party data into context with prospects



Feb. 08 2011

Breaking Into the Lucrative Government Market

Chief Marketer recently asked business-to-government consultant Mark Amtower for tips on marketing to state and federal government agencies.



Dec. 17 2010

Coffee Seller Keurig Tests Mail In Consumer-Focused Effort 1

If a new direct mail campaign from Keurig is successful, 2011 will see consumers moving at a slightly peppier pace



Dec. 01 2010

Short and Sweet: Quick Tips for Marketing Success

If you’ve got a few minutes, we’ve got a few great ideas. Actually, more than a few. Make that a lot. Given that everyone is swamped at the end of the



Nov. 17 2010

Digi-Key’s Digital Strategy Thinks Beyond B-to-B 3

For decades Digi-Key Corp. sold electronic components to engineers, tradesmen, and hobbyists via its encyclopedic print catalog exclusively, eschewing an outside sales force. The advent of ecommerce changed that, of course, as did the hiring of chief marketing officer Tony Harris.



Nov. 15 2010

Tips for Finding the Best Catalog Prospects

Now is when catalogers should cautiously increase their prospecting efforts. After all, as we emerge from the recession, those companies who continue marketing and mining for new buyers will be in a much better position to take advantage of the rebound.



Oct. 29 2010

Market Proactively This Holiday Season

HO HO HO…that started in October? Well, hang on to your elves and reindeer because here we go! Kmart and Sears jumped on board and others are sure to follow this new tradition of pre-Thanksgiving holiday campaigns. Smart? You bet. Let me tell you why.



Oct. 18 2010

With Catalog Blow-Ins, Upside Far Outweighs the Downside

For catalogers, the potential for blow-ins in terms of incremental revenue gains is significant, while the downside risks are minimal. So why don’t more catalogers take advantage of them?



Oct. 06 2010

“Old-Fashioned” Analytics Leads to Double-Digit Gains for GaelSong

A cataloger of Celtic merchandise, GaelSong has been enjoying impressive year-on-year growth. And the company achieved this lift not by implementing cutting-edge Web 3.0 technology or launching splashy social media campaigns. Rather, says vice president/general manager Tom Steele,