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How a Tactile Complement Can Strengthen Digital Campaigns

By Andrew Field With advancements in digital technology, consumers have the ability to be “tuned in” at all hours of the day. They have a

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Oct. 18 2010

With Catalog Blow-Ins, Upside Far Outweighs the Downside

For catalogers, the potential for blow-ins in terms of incremental revenue gains is significant, while the downside risks are minimal. So why don’t more catalogers take advantage of them?



Oct. 06 2010

“Old-Fashioned” Analytics Leads to Double-Digit Gains for GaelSong

A cataloger of Celtic merchandise, GaelSong has been enjoying impressive year-on-year growth. And the company achieved this lift not by implementing cutting-edge Web 3.0 technology or launching splashy social media campaigns. Rather, says vice president/general manager Tom Steele,



Oct. 01 2010

Analysis Makes B-to-B Catalog Pages Work Harder

EVEN THOUGH NEARLY HALF OF ITS ORDERS now come in via the Web, a print catalog is still an essential vehicle for generating sales for Trainers Warehouse.



Sep. 14 2010

Coldwater Creek’s Investment In Direct Pays Off 1

Apparel marketer Coldwater Creek, which had pulled back on its direct response marketing spending during 2008 and 2009, has come back to the fold. The company sent out roughly 11.7 million catalogs during its most recent second quarter, a 23% boost from second-quarter 2009.



Aug. 18 2010

Dog Bites Man: A&F Finds Racy Catalog Still Sells 6

So Abercrombie & Fitch relaunches its highly suggestive catalog/magazine



Aug. 17 2010

Urban Outfitters’ CEO Backs Off Catalog Expansion, Embraces Social Media 1

While direct-to-consumer sales among Urban Outfitters’ three brands jumped during its most recent quarter, a previously announced increase in catalog circulation may not have been the cause of the jump.



Aug. 10 2010

Inventory Control Is Mixed Blessing For Cabela’s Direct Business 1

One of the classic question analysts ask businesses is whether they are primarily focused on building revenue or increasing margin. Too often, the answer is



Jun. 07 2010

E-mails Plus Catalogs Equals Boost for Miles Kimball 1

Over the past few years, multititle cataloger Miles Kimball has made it a priority to coordinate its online marketing efforts with its catalog mailings. E-mail campaigns that are part of this strategy have boosted response and revenue by up to 20%



Jun. 06 2010

Catalog Circulation Bumps Mitigate Blyth’s Sales Drop

Don’t blame direct marketing for the dropoff in Blyth Inc.’s first-quarter sales. While the home décor, household item and fragrance marketer saw a 6% sales drop, from $214.7 million a year ago to $201.5 million, its catalog and Internet revenue was up between the two quarters.