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DMA Strategic Summit Focuses on C-Level Concerns

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Sep. 17 2011


Aug. 25 2011

Catalog Study: Second Q Merchandise Demand Up, But Third Q Looks Soft

Demand for merchandise from catalog marketers was up 1.6% in the second quarter, spurred by a 2.5% rise in catalog circulation, according to Stuart Rose, a managing director at Tully & Holland.



Jul. 14 2011

What the Big B-to-B Guys Can Learn From Small Business

What can large B-to-B businesses learn from the techniques that small business owners know so well?



Jun. 09 2011

NaturallyCurly Tries to Tame the Stylist Market

Curly hair can be a challenge to keep under control. For the NaturallyCurly Network, the challenge is getting a clear picture of not only the consumers with those luxurious manes, but the stylists who care for them.



May. 04 2011

Virtual Events Bring Life to Compuware Marketing Strategy

While some B-to-B marketers are considering going on the road again, many are turning to virtual conferences to engage customers and prospects who might not have the time



May. 04 2011

The Key to B-to-B Content: Engagement, Not Automation

It can be stressful for companies as they struggle to find where or how to create content, what type of content they need to generate, and the best way push that content out and generate leads via email and all manner of social media.



Apr. 14 2011

Redesigned Website Boosts Sales for Maritime Transport Firm

A revamped website better highlighting maritime transport firm Crowley Corp.



Apr. 14 2011

Live Events: Are B-to-B Marketers on the Road Again?

After several years of many companies being corporate homebodies, anecdotal evidence suggests that B-to-B marketers are starting to ramp up their live event schedules.



Apr. 01 2011

Baudville Rebrands to Shift With the Times

A rebranding effort and a continued focus on its core catalog business have helped Baudville build a brand centering on employee recognition products



Mar. 10 2011

Prospecting With Puppets Pulls for Scientific Firm

Tom Simons of Partners + Simons shares how measurement-tools firm Agilent used puppets to charm online prospects into checking out a new product line, and offers thoughts on healthcare/scientific marketing trends you should watch.