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How a Tactile Complement Can Strengthen Digital Campaigns

By Andrew Field With advancements in digital technology, consumers have the ability to be “tuned in” at all hours of the day. They have a

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Dec. 08 2011

Trade Show Demos Help Hill Rom Engage Customers 1

A revamped trade show booth that engaged nursing professionals with the brand boosted sales and customer relationships for medical technology marketer Hill Rom Holdings Inc.



Nov. 11 2011

Content Curation Helps Connance Focus Online Messaging

Hospital business office systems provider Connance is using content curation to gather online content to generate leads and hone its messaging. The sales cycle can be slow when dealing with a function of a healthcare institution that is not on the clinical side, so being a trusted source of information for prospects is crucial.



Nov. 11 2011

Five Things B2B Marketers Need to do Before Going Social 1

Here’s a reality check for business-to-business firms engaging in social media: Content isn’t king, at least as far as tweets and posts to other forums are concerned. Greg Ott of Demandbase offers five prerequisites B-to-B marketers must have in place to maximize the return of their social media endeavors.




Oct. 22 2011

Catalog Marketing:Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Catalog’s Performance

Download the latest Catalog Marketing tip sheet from Chief Marketer



Oct. 14 2011

Connecting With Prospects and Customers on LinkedIn

How can you make the most of LinkedIn to build your business’s social profile



Oct. 05 2011

Personas Help Frederick’s Target Email, Catalog Mailings

Frederick’s of Hollywood has improved its email and catalog targeting by segmenting it’s file with purchase-behavior based personas.




Sep. 17 2011


Aug. 25 2011

Catalog Study: Second Q Merchandise Demand Up, But Third Q Looks Soft

Demand for merchandise from catalog marketers was up 1.6% in the second quarter, spurred by a 2.5% rise in catalog circulation, according to Stuart Rose, a managing director at Tully & Holland.



Jul. 14 2011

What the Big B-to-B Guys Can Learn From Small Business

What can large B-to-B businesses learn from the techniques that small business owners know so well?



Jun. 09 2011

NaturallyCurly Tries to Tame the Stylist Market

Curly hair can be a challenge to keep under control. For the NaturallyCurly Network, the challenge is getting a clear picture of not only the consumers with those luxurious manes, but the stylists who care for them.