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Selfie Value: The Loyalty Power of Must-Share Moments

By Barry Kirk When was the last time you truly had a “moment” with a brand that you love? I was recently in Panera Bread, a fast casual restaurant chain where I’m both a frequent customer

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Jan. 24 2005

Short-Term Behavior, Long-Term Value

Direct marketers put a huge amount of time and money into examining, testing, analyzing, and fine-tuning their marketing on a campaign-by-campaign basis. The results of a single campaign are judged by response rates, average spend amounts, and often, the ROI generated by that campaign. But less attention has been given to the long-term behavior of customers, says Don Austin, Ph.D., director of client strategy at Greenwich, CT-based list services firm Direct Media. In general, the amount of the first transaction predicts the amount of subsequent transactions. But Austin a variety of other variables can be used to segment customers into low long-term value and high long-term value groups.



Jan. 01 2005

Getting Ready

This issue, Direct begins a three-part series on the fundamentals of a successful database marketing program.



Jan. 01 2005

Financial Services: Making Change

CRM and an enterprisewide database enable MainSource to shift its focus to serving multiple customer needs



Dec. 07 2004

Live From NCDM: Tales of Database Buffoonery

How many data miners does it take to build a model? More than you would think, judging by the stories told by Sam Koslowsky.



Dec. 06 2004

The Case for Private Promotional Databases

Business-to-business marketers have used private promotional databases to improve response and better target their mailings since the early 1980s. Now, says Linda Huntoon, executive vice president, of Greenwich, CT-based list services firm Direct Media, consumer merchants are starting to take advantage of them as well.



Dec. 01 2004

Penzeys Cooks Up Magazine

The Penzeys Spices catalog has garnered a cult following, in large part because of the half-dozen or so recipes included in each issue. Now the Milwaukee-based



Nov. 09 2004

Marketing to Segments of Opportunity

Over the last few years, there has been a lot of buzz about CRM. Large, sophisticated marketers have spent millions of dollars to automate processes that help them to focus marketing efforts on customers.



Nov. 08 2004

Five Emerging Trends in Database Marketing

First came operational databases that ran order entry and fulfillment activities. From them evolved marketing databases, which have become central to overall business strategies. And from those marketing databases, trends are emerging that affect how we manage our relationships with customers and prospects



Oct. 25 2004

Better Sales by Segmentation

“How to Get the Most Profit from Your Housefile” is a surefire winner of a title for a conference session. During his session of the same name at the DMA 87th Annual Conference and Exhibition in New Orleans last week, John Lenser, president of San Francisco-based consultancy and list firm Lenser, offered plenty of suggestions



Oct. 01 2004

Freedom Files

Prospect databases give mailers the leeway to model, append…and save on list costs