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Making Mobile Part of Your Lead Gen Strategy

The need to make mobile media part of your lead generation strategy today is obvious. What isn’t so obvious is how to integrate mobile in a way that will effectively engage consumers and not run afo

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Mar. 08 2012

Making the Most of Paid Search to Engage B2B Buyers

Here’s 5 underutilized paid search opportunities B2B marketers should take advantage of to boost their online ROI.




Feb. 21 2012

Prospecting on All Platforms: Chief Marketer’s 2012 Lead Gen Survey 1

Whether your brand sells to consumers or to other businesses, chances are you’re looking for leads in lots of new places.



Feb. 16 2012

How Web Tags Can Help You See What’s Really Working on Your Site and in PPC

Web tags perform a wide range of marketing tasks, from behavioral targeting and web analytics to ad serving, affiliate marketing, and search ad tracking. But old or outdated tags can slow preformance or blur marketing visibility.



Feb. 14 2012


Jan. 25 2012

IBM’s Social Selling: The Computer Giant Finds B2B Leads in Social Media 4

In B2B marketing, how do you make social media an efficient, cost-effective channel for finding new customers and selling to business clients?



Jan. 18 2012

Volume, Storage Top Database Concerns in 2012: Winterberry Group

Marketers are asking legacy systems to store an ever-widening expanse of behavioral data, such as clickstream activity, intent data (opt-ins, registrations and referrals), and Web analytic information



Jan. 13 2012

Best Practices for B2B Marketers Using Facebook

Chief Marketer recently talked with Zach Welch, vice president of client services at social media news feed consultancy BrandGlue, who shared some best practices for B2B marketers who want to make the most of their “friendships” on Facebook.



Jan. 12 2012

Marketing Automation Helps Nxtbook Identify Prospects

Marketing automation is helping Nxtbook Media connect with publishers and catalogers looking to take their print editions digital.



Dec. 14 2011

Improved Ecommerce Boosts Results for Green Top Sporting Goods

Enhanced shopping cart and customer path analytics are helping Green Top Sporting Goods boost its pay-per-click search results and increase sales in several product categories.

As recently as 2008, Green Top’s website offered product listings but no way of making purchases. Visitors clicking on specific items were often brought to the manufacturers’ sites.