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Activities, Stats, Trends in Digital Marketing?—Infographic

Arun Sivashankaran (FunnelEnvy) With the digital marketing industry topping $62 billion in the U.S. every scrap of helpful information CMOs can gather is important to the bottom line. This infograp

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Jun. 06 2013

Marketing Automation Consolidation—Why Now? acquisition of ExactTarget this week followed by nother major acquisition in December has marketers wondering why consolidation around marketing automation is suddenly so popular? Here are three top reasons …




May. 22 2013

B2B Buyer’s Journey No Longer Begins With the Salesperson

Today’s B2B buyer no longer sees talking to a vendor as the first stop on their road to making a purchase.




May. 13 2013

Solving Marketing Complexity through Collaboration

A recent survey found that four in 10 CMOs feel “unprepared” to meet modern campaign objectives.


Dart hitting a target


May. 07 2013

Why The Customer Should Be Central to Inbound Efforts

Chief Marketer recently talked with Mike Volpe, CMO of inbound marketing software at HubSpot, to get his take on trends in the inbound space.



Sep. 15 2012

Lyris One Addresses The Age of Exploding Data 22

Lyris One, a new platform from Lyris, offers marketers the opportunity to integrate, sort, analyze and generate campaigns of a wealth of customer data, both from within and outside the company.



Aug. 27 2012

Data and Frequency Capping Can Drive Better Media Buying: Q&A

Media planners have traditionally relied on measurements such as clicks and unique visitors to guide their online buys, but a combination of shifts in the metrics used, as well as frequency capping within and across ad networks, can significantly boost their programs



Aug. 13 2012

Pet Relocation Firm Shares Database of Tales (And Tails) Through Social Media, Email 5

Not all data points are easily quantifiable. Take, which pulls from its store of successful pet relocation stories based on pet type, destination and origin point when offering quotes for its services. Does cute and cuddly work as a hard-edged sales tactic? Absolutely!



Jul. 10 2012

Telemarketing Helps First Databank Qualify Leads 2

Small, highly specialized business-to-business marketers often lack the resources to follow up every casual inquiry. First Databank (FDB), which sells drug data to medical information system providers, health plan operators, pharmacy benefit managers and other organizations, has been using an outside telemarketing firm to pre-qualify its leads. The sales cycle is slow—it took more than […]



Jun. 13 2012

Q&A: Creating a Winning B2B Landing Page 1

The rules for landing pages are different in the business-to-business (B2B) arena than they are for consumer marketers. Adam Blitzer, co-founder and COO of Pardot, discusses how what marketers should be aware of, and how they can make the most of these differences.



Jun. 09 2012

Tailored Content Boosts Conversion in Lead-Generation Cycles 2

Relevant storytelling can bridge the gap between prospecting and lead nurturing. King Fish Media’s Gordon Plutsky makes the case for data-based content that brings prospects from the inquiry stage to the sales stage.