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Moneyball and Marketing: Challenging Conventional Data Wisdom

By Tim Girgenti

As a baseball-mad boy growing up in Houston, there were certain basics that I could count on seeing in the

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Dec. 01 2011

Best Practices for Using Cooperative Databases

Cooperative databases account for at least 80% of all consumer prospecting. Names selected from a co-op are super multiple buyers who respond well to any number of different offers. These buyers have been modeled from actual buyer files and are therefore they are highly qualified names. What’s more, they represent a good value for the money renting for $70 per thousand or less.



Oct. 24 2011

How Database Marketing Can Turn Companies Around

“Moneyball,” the current hit movie based on Michael Lewis’ 2003 book by the same name, is a story that has two important lessons for direct and database marketers.



Sep. 12 2011

Data Helps Expo Washable Markers Find Best Party Hosts

Mothers who weren’t chosen to host one of the at-home parties held for Expo Washable Markers on June 11 shouldn’t feel slighted: Only 1800 hosts were selected from more than 24,000 applicants. That’s an acceptance rate of less than 7.5%.



Aug. 15 2011

When Does Reactivation Modeling Make Sense?

The ability to ask the right questions is a critical factor for effective analytical work. This is the key point I made in a recent article, “Asking the Right Questions in Data Analysis” I also noted that asking the right questions typically does not require an advanced degree in statistics.



Jun. 06 2011

Automated Data Systems: Why the Human Touch and Quality Control Matter

Faced with tighter schedules, more information than ever to manage and greater expectations from upper management, many marketers are turning to automated data-marketing systems.



Mar. 11 2011

Asking the Right Questions in Data Analysis 1

What is required for a company to do effective data analysis? Many would respond, “People with advanced degrees in statistics.” This is most assuredly a worthwhile characteristic. However, I would also add, “The ability to ask the right question!”



Dec. 20 2010

Broker Roundtable: Incorprating Social Data Into Lists

Welcome to Broker Roundtable, where each week we ask list brokers to give their opinions on issues that matter to the marketing community.



Nov. 10 2010

Broker Roundtable: As the List Universe Dwindles, How Much More Detailed and Precise Are Selections Likely to Become?

This week’s question: With the list universe continuing to shrink, how much more detailed and precise are selections likely to become?



Sep. 28 2010

Ways to Improve Your Mailing List Performance

Thanks to reduced prospecting and catalog circulation, many mailers are finding they have fewer housefile names to leverage, and less new names on the rental market. How can you improve your list’s performance, and get profitably back in the mail? Here’s a few tips.



Jul. 20 2010

Twitter Programs Give Wing To Data Gathering and Display Ad Strategies

The Twitter advertising revolution is in top flight. Fresh off its Promoted Tweets revenue earning initiative, Twitter is appealing to consumers and advertisers once again with its new @earlybird feed. The @earlybird program allows participants to opt in to receiving coupons and marketing messages.