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Moneyball and Marketing: Challenging Conventional Data Wisdom

By Tim Girgenti As a baseball-mad boy growing up in Houston, there were certain basics that I could count on seeing in the newspaper every summer morning. If I wanted to evaluate a hitter, I looked a

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Jul. 31 2012

How to Avoid Big Data Analysis Paralysis 7

The great amount of prospect data floating around can get in the way of gaining useful information. TargusInfo’s Paul McConville offers tips on limiting the scope of data gathering to its most effective elements.



Jul. 16 2012

Marketing Data on IT Prospects Varies: Study

Buyers of high-tech offerings within organizations are a highly sought market, and a new study from Bernice Grossman and Ruth Stevens offers insight into the various sources of prospecting data available on them.

“An [information technology] buyer is a big buyer,” says Grossman, president of marketing database consultancy DMRS Group. “They buy a lot, and multiples of the same. And those are becoming such important titles as we move into a digital world that those titles are becoming databases in and of themselves.”



May. 18 2012

Customer Experience Data Offers Marketers Deeper Insight

Businesses that don’t incorporate service data into their customer records are losing money. Customers are willing to share their meaningful feedback that will improve products, resolve disputes, uncover errors and augment revenue.



Apr. 09 2012

FTC Calls For Legislative Oversight of Data Brokers

The Federal Trade Commission has issued a report recommending, in part, that data brokers offer consumers greater transparency into, and control over, data collected and stored. The report also recommends a central web site where consumers can learn about data compilers by name, understand their proceesses, and exercise rights of access to their data.



Mar. 23 2012

Real-Time Customer Feedback is the New Focus Group 1

Observing customers and monitoring their feedback can offer important insight into their desires and consumption patterns.



Mar. 06 2012

7 Tactics for Using Email Appends to Increase Customer Value 2

Infogroup’s Dan M. Babb discusses the opportunities email appending offers direct marketers.



Feb. 24 2012

Using Program Optimization to Make the Most of Big Data

Arthur Sweetster, chief marketing officer at 89 Degrees, offers insight into capturing and using Big Data — the ever-increasing volume of customer and prospect information available to marketers.



Feb. 14 2012


Feb. 12 2012

Facebook IPO Will Draw Attention To Social Media Data Practices

Facebook’s impending initial public offering may cause additional scrutiny on all marketers’ data-gathering and data-mining practices. Dennis Dayman, Eloqua’s chief privacy and security officer outlines some concerns for direct marketers.



Jan. 03 2012

Don’t Make Email Marketing a Siloed Experience

A siloed approach to email marketing and campaign management only leads to customer fatigue and frustration. Organizations that tear down these walls and deliver a relevant, seamless, cross-channel customer experience will be rewarded with share of mind—and wallet.