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Facebook and Nielsen in Data Collection Partnership

Robert Faturechi, Meg James (Chicago Tribune) Facebook will embark on a deal with Nielsen to share age and gender information on Facebook users who watch a TV show on a wireless device bringing the

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Aug. 20 2006

Hispanic Online Best Practices: URL Strategy

A URL is the most important and direct form of access to a given Website. When looking at the URLs of sites that target the Hispanic online market we find many approaches that can be grouped into four top-level strategies:



Aug. 03 2006

Hispanic Online Best Practices: Access

To drive traffic to a Hispanic site, you can of course leverage integrated Hispanic marketing, using both online and offline tactics, to create awareness of your Hispanic online program.



Jul. 28 2006

Latino Passion Points: Trite or True?

Even if you don’t understand Spanish, you probably won’t have much difficulty picking up on recurring themes in the spots you see on Spanish-language TV.



Jul. 21 2006

Hispanic Online Best Practices: In Culture

To most effectively communicate with U.S. Hispanics online, it is critical to connect with them through an emotional thread that all Hispanics, regardless of country of origin, can identify with.



Jul. 10 2006

Hispanic Online Best Practices: In-Language

On the surface, the issue of language in the Hispanic online market seems quite simple. Most marketers assume that a “Hispanic” online program equates to a “Spanish” online program. What’s more, they often assume that the way to deliver Spanish content is via translation.



May. 31 2006

Turning Strategy into Creative for the Hispanic Market

Marketing to U.S. Hispanics isn’t some mysterious process that breaks all the rules taught on college campuses around the world for decades. To market to Hispanics, just start with the basic marketing model



May. 12 2006

What Makes Millennials Millennials

It would be an understatement to say that as Millennials (those born between 1977 and 1994) come of age, the rest of population is taken aback.



Mar. 16 2006

Marking the Spot of Generation X

Generation X has long posed a conundrum to marketers. They’re savvy, oversaturated, and busy people with a cynicism regarding the media. And yet the sociological forces that shape their worldviews are powerful and specific and, with a little creative thinking, can be the basis for marketing and development decisions targeting them.



Feb. 23 2006

Lights, Camera, WAAAAH!

It was quite a sight. As John Williams’ theme to “Star Wars” trumpeted through the air, a majestic fleet marched forwarded.

The Imperial Guard? Think even more imposing. Try a battalion of mothers with fully loaded strollers making their way into the Loews Boston Common Theater.



Feb. 02 2006

Six Seismic Shifts in Global Teen Culture

Certain experiences transform the outlook of an entire generation. For today’s 13- to 18-year-olds, the events of 9/11 had that effect. Seemingly overnight the world changed from one filled with the optimism and endless possibility of the Internet boom to a dark and anxious place threatened by global war and international terror. These dramatic changes could only logically result in equally important shifts in global teen culture.