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Facebook and Nielsen in Data Collection Partnership

Robert Faturechi, Meg James (Chicago Tribune) Facebook will embark on a deal with Nielsen to share age and gender information on Facebook users who watch a TV show on a wireless device bringing the

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Sep. 23 2006

Hispanic Online Best Practices: Notification

As we discussed in our previous article, Hispanic Online Best Practices: Comparability and Maintenance, a Hispanic online program does not have to be all or nothing. We recommend that companies take a strategic approach in developing Hispanic online initiatives. In many cases, this entails a phased approach with key milestones.



Sep. 15 2006

In-Store Marketing: Don’t Overlook the Hispanic Consumer

It is now estimated that by 2008, the nation’s fastest-growing population will command nearly $1 trillion of purchasing power. Per household, Hispanics spend more than the general population because on average their households are larger.



Sep. 10 2006

E-commerce: Meet the New Boss

With apologies to the Who, your new boss ain’t the same as the old boss–at least in the digital world. Who is the new boss? She’s between 25 and 54 years old.



Sep. 09 2006

Hispanic Online Best Practices: Comparability and Maintenance

Before you begin to develop a Hispanic online initiative, consider very carefully comparability—how similar your Hispanic online program is to your corresponding general-market program–and maintenance



Sep. 04 2006

Marketing to Today’s Teens: The Same but Different 2

Accounting for 25% of the population in the United States, Generation Y not only provides a huge current market, but it also provides the possibility of gaining lifelong brand loyalty.



Aug. 20 2006

Hispanic Online Best Practices: URL Strategy

A URL is the most important and direct form of access to a given Website. When looking at the URLs of sites that target the Hispanic online market we find many approaches that can be grouped into four top-level strategies:



Aug. 03 2006

Hispanic Online Best Practices: Access

To drive traffic to a Hispanic site, you can of course leverage integrated Hispanic marketing, using both online and offline tactics, to create awareness of your Hispanic online program.



Jul. 28 2006

Latino Passion Points: Trite or True?

Even if you don’t understand Spanish, you probably won’t have much difficulty picking up on recurring themes in the spots you see on Spanish-language TV.



Jul. 21 2006

Hispanic Online Best Practices: In Culture

To most effectively communicate with U.S. Hispanics online, it is critical to connect with them through an emotional thread that all Hispanics, regardless of country of origin, can identify with.



Jul. 10 2006

Hispanic Online Best Practices: In-Language

On the surface, the issue of language in the Hispanic online market seems quite simple. Most marketers assume that a “Hispanic” online program equates to a “Spanish” online program. What’s more, they often assume that the way to deliver Spanish content is via translation.