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Facebook and Nielsen in Data Collection Partnership

Robert Faturechi, Meg James (Chicago Tribune) Facebook will embark on a deal with Nielsen to share age and gender information on Facebook users who watch a TV show on a wireless device bringing the

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Jan. 25 2007

In the Cards: Do You Have Valentine’s Mailbox Glut? 3

So, are you the type to obsess over finding just the right card for your sweetie on Valentine’s Day? Or, do you wait until the day before and hope something good is left on the rack at the drug store?



Jan. 19 2007

Preparing for the Population Pyramid Shift

What kind of an audience will marketers be looking at in the year 2050? If you look into Andrew Zolli’s crystal ball, the population pyramid looks more like an hourglass



Dec. 15 2006

Hispanic Online Marketing: Beyond the Basics

Today there are relatively few online options that advertisers can use to target Hispanics. This reality is a result of two main factors.



Nov. 27 2006

The Luxury of Change: Trends for Upscale Marketers

Perhaps the rich are different…but in many ways companies targeting the wealthiest consumers aren’t that different from those marketing to a mass audience.



Nov. 10 2006

Hispanic Online Best Practices: Integrated Marketing and Operations

The term “integrated marketing” is a popular industry buzzword referring to the synchronization of all aspects of marketing communications, enabling each to work the others as a unified force rather than in isolation.



Nov. 03 2006

Young and Restless: Tips for Reaching Teens Online

Marketing to youth is one of the hottest yet most challenging topics in digital marketing–for good reason.



Oct. 30 2006

Hispanic Online Best Practices: Features and Functionality

Critical features and functionality tend to vary by company and by online initiative. For an online retailer, for instance, a shopping cart is a critical feature; for an airline, a booking engine is key.



Oct. 11 2006

RU Ready 4 the DM Generation?

The conference in New York kicked off on Oct. 11 with a keynote presentation on w@ U N2K about the DM generation.



Oct. 08 2006

Finding the Hispanic American Online

If you don’t figure out how to market to Hispanics over the next few years, you may not have a career in marketing.



Oct. 08 2006

Hispanic Online Best Practices: Toggle

In the context of Hispanic online marketing, “toggle” is functionality deployed on a Website that allows a user to seamlessly change the language of a given page from English to Spanish and vice versa.