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Facebook and Nielsen in Data Collection Partnership

Robert Faturechi, Meg James (Chicago Tribune) Facebook will embark on a deal with Nielsen to share age and gender information on Facebook users who watch a TV show on a wireless device bringing the

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Dec. 21 2007

The Ultimate Metric: Marriage

It’s time for some holiday fun. Richard H. Levey reports on how to measure results when seeking, uh,
a mail order spouse.



Oct. 23 2007

Marketing to Muslims

Does Islam scare you? It shouldn’t. U.S. Muslims are a growing market. and they want many of the same things that other Americans do. But you have to sensitize yourself to Ramadan (a month of fasting), Halal (Muslim dietary laws), and Islam’s different take on financial issues. Click here for more on selling to Muslims.



Sep. 18 2007

Top 10 Up & Coming Teen Sites 8

Teenagers care about self-expression, exploring their identity, honing their personal taste, connecting romantically with other teens, and being amused by silly, scatological, hyper-hormonal comedy. Click here for 10 up-and-coming Web sites that reflect the teenage mindset and interests, with examples of how marketers are participating.



Jul. 30 2007

Back to School Spending to Rise 7%

On average, consumers expect to spend $590 for back-to-school clothing and supplies, according to a new survey by Brand Keys. Click here to find out where and why they’ll be buying those pencils and books.



May. 07 2007

Who Likes Grocery Mail? Men Do

(Promo) This might come as a surprise, but young people, especially men, like to read grocery-store direct mail.



Apr. 26 2007

Forget About Money – Kids Change Everything

Sure, there are oodles of events that alter your habits as a consumer. Graduating college, getting married, buying a pet, moving to a new city.

But the big honkin’ mother of all lifechanging events is, well, becoming a mother. Or a father, of course.



Apr. 26 2007

Toddlin’ Online: A Real Kid Surfs in Real Time 1

Kid-focused television networks like Noggin, Playhouse Disney and PBS offer online presences designed to engage, educate and entertain their preschool audiences.

How well do they do their jobs? I enlisted my son Jacob, age 4, to put the sites to the test. One recent afternoon we sat down at my laptop, to see what piqued his interest.



Mar. 30 2007

Ripples Across the Pond: The Trends are Coming, The Trends are Coming

For several years, I had the pleasure of traveling to London each spring for the International Direct Marketing Fair.

In addition to bringing home tons of news and story leads, I also always came back to the states with tips on what was going to be the next hot trend to jump across the pond.



Mar. 01 2007

Eastern Philosophy

(Direct) Mounting a successful integrated marketing effort is difficult enough. Throw in the additional hurdle of targeting a segment with a unique language and culture, and you’ve multiplied that challenge.



Feb. 09 2007

Four Tactics for Engaging Women as Healthcare—and General–Consumers

Women as consumers are different from men as consumers in so many ways. Men typically home in directly to their goal, while women generally meander and enjoy the journey.