Wendy’s Mystifying Execution

By Jul 07, 2014

Over the last month, random customers who purchased a ticket on StubHub got more (or less) than just the ticket.

Wendy'sFrom June 2 through July 6, Wendy’s pumped out $1.50-off coupons for some customers who spent less than $30 on tickets. The coupon, which reduced the price of the tickets, also came with a note that read: $1.50 saved is just what you need to try Wendy’s new Steakhouse Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe!”

It’s an interesting promotion because Wendy’s reduced the price of the StubHub ticket instead of putting the $1.50 toward the burger via a coupon so it could actually track redemption. I also would have made the ticket discount $1.49 to match the exact price of the burger, that’s a little more intriguing. “$1.49? That’s a weird price for a discount. What’s up with that??!,” I could image people saying.

It’s a nice idea to surprise people with unexpected value, while at the same time marketing a new product to a targeted, defined audience, but the execution is a little bewildering.

Either way though it would appear that Wendy’s emerged the good guy.

  • Brandon Rhoten

    Patrick – appreciate the take, and love the idea of the $1.49 discount… Going to look into having the team change. Keep up the good work!

    –Brandon Rhoten, VP of Digital at Wendy’s

  • Brandon Rhoten

    Take that back – we’re about to shift what we promote via Stubhub. But liked your idea. Thanks for paying attention. –Brandon

  • http://assets.vice.com/content-images/contentimage/no-slug/0bf29b365ae6a9c2416eacdcdd7e7e51.jpg D’artagnan Bingemunkle

    Surprisingly amateurish from StubHub here. Better step their game up if they want to match the likes of Ticket Liquidator and TicketCock…