Upromise Starts eCoupon Service for College Funds

By Sep 17, 2008

Upromise is improving the financial return to its members with a new paperless eCoupon service that offers face value savings that count toward family college funds.

Under the program, members register their store loyalty cards on the Upromise Web site at www.Upromise.com/eCoupons. They then select from a menu of coupons, including offers from Aquafina FlavorSlpash, Charmin, Huggies and Spray ‘N Wash. When shoppers click on the offers they intend to use, the e-coupons are linked to their cards electronically.

Upromise can “read” the purchase at one of 21,000 grocery and drug retail outlets around the country when consumers use their store loyalty cards. The e-coupon values are credited toward members’ college savings accounts. Members can earn up to $25 in value each month.

The new eCoupon system will typically give consumers a much higher return on each item purchased, based on coupon face value, than Upromise’s prior system, which credited a percentage of the item’s price for one’s Upromise account.

“There are higher opt-in offers,” Upromise spokeswoman Debby Hohler said. “They’re higher value than our grocery store coupons,”

Upromise is able to implement the new system because it has national relationship with the respective brands it deals with. The monthly value ceiling that can be realized for each account is expected to steadily rise as Upromise adds brand partners, Hohler said.

The company has been building awareness about the new eCoupons, which is about two weeks old, through online marketing and e-mail messages to existing Upromise members. Already, the firm reports a positive response to the electronic coupons among its member base.

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