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Lay’s Taps TV Show to Share the Joy

By Mar 08, 2007

Lay’s potato chips have found a new home on TV and online.

The flagship Frito-Lay brand cut a deal with Home Team, a syndicated TV program that shows new homeowners being given their first house. Lay’s will feature segments of the show on its new Web site, Lays.com, as part of its new “Share the Joy” marketing campaign.

The show, hosted by former Apprentice star Troy McClain, was recently renewed for its third season. In each episode, the team secretly renovates a house for a family with the help of friends, then surprises the family by giving them the house. Lay’s has been a sponsor of the reveal scene in each episode; now it will take clips from future and past episodes to put online.

Lay’s site serves as the hub for “Share the Joy” events, including a March 14 concert by country star Tim McGraw. That “Share the Joy Live” concert will air exclusively on the site, drawing attention to Lay’s tie-in to the Make a Wish Foundation.

Lay’s invites site visitors to submit their own story of a joyful moment. Each submission triggers a $1 donation from Lay’s to the Make a Wish Foundation. Consumers register to participate (with mailing address, e-mail address and date of birth), then submit a video, photo or essay. The program runs through May with Lay’s donating a minimum of $400,000 (and a maximum of $480,000) to the Make a Wish Foundation.

The submissions are posted for others to see. Each submission adds a petal to the graphic sunflower on Lay’s site, to illustrate how many consumers have “shared” their own joy. The sunflower is a nod to Lay’s recipe using 100% sunflower oil for its chips.

Frito-Lay also plans to extend “Share the Joy” with in-store activities and displays, with event marketing, and through tie-ins with other organizations like the Make a Wish Foundation.

Frito-Lay negotiated the Home Team tie-in with the show’s distributor, Litton Entertainment, a branded-entertainment matchmaker.

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