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Ukrop’s Kiosks Boost Loyalty Program Perks

By May 30, 2007

Ukrop’s Super Markets has added in-store kiosks to give more perks to its loyalty club members.

The Savings Spot kiosks let shoppers swipe their Ukrop’s Valued Customer cards to trigger customized offers based on their past shopping history, which is stored on the card. The kiosk prints out a sheet with up to eight offers and a personalized message.

Ukrop’s has kiosks in its 28 stores in Virginia, with plans to add more services later this year, including a loyalty points system, sweepstakes and product sampling.

The grocer is using the kiosks to distinguish its shopper card program.

“The Savings Spot is a major milestone in the re-invention of our UVC Card loyalty platform to widen the gap between other grocery chains’ ‘discount cards’ that have become commodities and ours, that now personalizes the shopping experience and promotes chain loyalty,” said Ukrop’s vice president of marketing Scott Aronson, in a statement.

Snack maker Snyder’s of Hanover has been participating in Ukrop’s pilot test for nearly a year, driving incremental sales for five of its products.

“The automated targeting allows our brands to reward loyalty while also attracting new consumers. Based on the redemption rates by offer type we’re seeing, we are confident the right offer is getting into the hands of the right consumer,” said Snyder’s marketing manager Bob Gould, in a statement.

The Savings Spot system is run by Entry Point Communications, which has piloted the system with Ukrop’s since 2005. One other grocer, Price Chopper, has adopted the kiosks too (PROMO P&I, April 4, 2007).

Ukrop’s loyalty card carries 65 weeks’ worth of purchase data. The kiosk uses information from those past shopping trips to customize offers for each shopper.

“The system knows when you’re likely running out of cereal and therefore dispenses the ‘right’ cereal offer based on your brand purchase history,” Aronson said.

A video screen on the kiosk shows ads for brands that appear on a shopper’s list of offers.