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Idea to Steal-Thank You Cards

By Oct 20, 2010

The element of surprise and delight is simply that—surprise and delight. When a brand hands a customer something completely unexpected it shows that customer’s loyalty is appreciated. Read about California Pizza Kitchen’s promotion.

California Pizza Kitchen, Inc. just wrapped a two-month Thank You Card Program that ended Oct. 8. Over the course of the promotion, employees handed out 2.7 million sealed envelopes with the check to customers dinning at many of its 261 restaurants. And every customer received a prize ranging from 10% off a meal to $25,000.

As an added bonus, a code inside the envelope could be entered at www.cpk.com/thankyou or on their mobile phones for a chance to win $100,000, a four-night stay at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA, and other prizes.

Nice idea!