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Circuit City Fields ‘Pirates’ DVD Gift Card

By May 16, 2007

Circuit City is on board with Disney for a DVD gift card with clips from the new movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.”

The gift card launched in Circuit City stores nationally and on CircuitCity.com this week, timed to the May 25 premiere of the film, the third in Disney’s high-profile “Pirates” franchise.

“Pirates” cards come with interactive content that users can play on DVD players, computer CD drives, and gaming consoles for PS2, Xbox & Xbox 360. Consumers choose the dollar amount to load onto their gift card when they buy it.

The card has 15 minutes of content, including a trailer and scenes from the movie, wallpaper downloads, templates for origami ship models and pictures to color, a pirate aptitude test that tells users their rank on a ship and links to “Pirates”-related merchandise that Circuit City sells, such as video games.

“We’re excited to be able to offer our customers such a unique and collectible product,” said Dawn vonBechmann, Circuit City’s vice president of multi-channel experience, in a statement. “It’s a perfect gift idea for people looking for something fun to give … anyone with a love for consumer electronics and the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies.”

For Disney, the card is part of its promotional tie-in for the film, including a treasure hunt from Volvo that has “Pirates” fans searching the ocean for a sunken treasure chest with $50,000 in gold and the keys to a XC90 SUV (PROMO Xtra, May 1, 2007).

Circuit City’s gift card has payment data on one side, tracked via magnetic stripe like traditional gift cards. The DVD content is housed on the other side of the card.

Digital publisher Serious USA handles the gift card for Circuit City. This is the second DVD gift card that Serious has produced for Circuit City. The first was for the 2006 holidays, with free downloads from eMusic.com and an arcade-style snowball fight game. Circuit City used the card to promote 24 of its hottest products for gift giving.

Serious won an Interactive Marketing Award from PROMO earlier this month for a DVD postcard that it produced for Indianapolis Motor Speedway (May PROMO).