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Go Forth And Tape!

By Oct 01, 2011

The Duct Tape brand can get people to do some pretty crazy things. High-school students have fashioned entire prom dresses and suits from the sticky stuff. Another competition turned up, what else, a Duct Tape duck. A local “Dogs 'n Duct Tape” contest was a fundraiser for a local animal shelter.

Now it's football season so last month college and high-school students began using the dozens of colors of tape to create tailgate gear, decorations for their dorm rooms, coolers, tents or other football-related stuff. The contest takes place on the Duct Tape Facebook fan page, where photos and captions are entered. Each week through Nov. 6, a random winner will receive a Duct Tape prize pack. The grand-prize winner gets $1,000. The lesson plan: Get the product in front of kids when they are young.

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