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Event & Experiential Marketing Special Report

In this Chief Marketer Special Report, we explore why marketers are no longer content with reaching customers and prospects at an event, but are now trying to engulf them in an experience. Yo

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Jul. 12 2011

Sun Life Gains a Foothold with Sponsorships

Sun Life Financial’s marketing has centered on sponsoring prominent sports and entertainment properties, like the Miami Dolphins Stadium, which was renamed Sun Life Stadium in January 2010.



Jun. 07 2011

State Farm “Cars 2″ Tour Highlights Firm’s Own Brand of Special Agent

State Farm’s “Cars 2: Agents on a Mission” tour is making 25 stops in large metro markets around the country, offering life-size versions of the car stars as well as interactive games and other activities



Apr. 12 2011

Missions, Leader Boards, News Feeds Style “Rio” Sweeps Site 1

Universal Studios “Make Your Way to Rio” sweepstakes site has been gamified, or populated with popular concepts taken directly from the world of gaming and applied to site features.



Aug. 12 2010

Octagon Hires Two to Expand Event/Hospitality Services

Sports and entertainment marketing agency, Octagon, has hired two industry veterans to expand its events and hospitality services



Aug. 12 2010

Jamba Juice CMO on the Brands First Professional Sports Partnership

Jamba Juice has launched its first professional sports league relationship, choosing the Women’s National Basketball Association to move forward its strategy to tie its brand to fitness and healthy nutrition



Jul. 08 2010

HSN Stages Mega Marketing Event with “Eat Pray Love”: Q&A

HSN, the multichannel retailer, is staging the largest event marketing campaign in its history and its first foray with a Hollywood partnership of such scale. The partnership, with the upcoming film “Eat Pray Love”



Jul. 06 2010

Six Ways to Improve Music Promos ROI

Next year marks the 50th Anniversary for Amnesty International. The global human rights organization has tapped engagement marketing agency TBA Global, to re-engage its younger U.S. market (Adults 18-24) supporters



May. 18 2010

Ford Gives Away Super Duty Truck as Part of In-Theater Show

More and more brands are using text messaging in combination with an entertainment forum to stage games, contests and other promotions



Apr. 12 2010

Brands Power Up Promos for “Iron Man 2”

The comic-book action blockbuster “Iron Man 2,” set to open nationally in about 25 days, is at the center of so many branding, placement and buzz promotions that it leaves other holistic campaigns looking some serious degrees short of a full 360.



Feb. 10 2010

Regal Encourages Loyalty with Trip to Oscars

Loyalty does have its perks. Regal Entertainment Group is running a sweepstakes for its loyalty members offering a chance to win a trip to the Oscars